New issue, vol. 10 no. 1

We are excited to announce that the newest issue of The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography (JUE vol. 10 no. 1) has been published, with five original articles by undergraduate students. Lan-Húóng Nguyễn explains, in collaboration with the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation, how an archaeological field school helps combat cultural erasure. Michaela Peters analyzes "karate-talk" in a Canadian dojo. SaraJane Renfroe discusses the resilience of undocumented Latina migrants in Florida. Margaret Giacalone shows how migrant mothers make their own livelihoods in the informal economy of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Lastly, Evelyn Cornwell offers a case study of adaptive cultural resource management in Hawai'i. There is also a flyer advertising an exciting international anthropology conference open to all scholars, including undergraduates, the Vienna Anthropology Days 2020 (VANDA 2020).

The cover photo for this issue comes from the Eastern Pequot Archaeological Field School, courtesy of Stephan Silliman. Thanks to Dalhousie University social anthropology graduate students Briana Kelly and Alastair Parsons for their editorial assistance and to Dalhousie University Libraries for hosting the JUE through the Open Journals Systems platform. Thanks also to the stalwart members of our Senior Editorial Board, who review the articles submitted to the JUE.