New issue, Volume 12, No. 2

We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography (JUE vol 12, no. 2) has been published. It features eight articles written by undergraduate students.

Clayton Jarrard (Kansas State University) conducted research within an online Christian queer community in the United States to explore how members practice self-care and derive a sense of belonging and through their online interactions. In her fieldwork in the Netherlands among pregnant women, Roos Metselaar (University of Amsterdam) examines how “entertainment” ultrasounds often provide women with a sense of agency over their bodies, and how they are conceptualized and used by women in oftentimes unexpected ways. Elizabeth Payne’s (Macquarie University) visual autoethnographic paper documents how the experience of moving homes provides an opportunity to critically reflect upon our relationship with objects and the materiality of daily life. Also adopting a reflexive methodological approach, Alicia Maners Taylor (Harding University) conducted interviews and participant observation among female Syrian refugees to examine how they construct a sense of identity as women and providers in the United States. Damilola Fakunle’s (Wake Forest University) research in Jamaica documents how institutions that look after children in government care uphold children’s rights. Danning Lu (Wheaton College) compares four state-sponsored community gardens in Beijing and China to explore the various social and organizational factors that are perceived to contribute to a “successful” garden. Finally, Chuhan Zhang’s (Dalhousie University) paper is based upon interviews with families in China to understand the various factors that contribute to their fertility decisions in light of the recent shift from a one-child to a two-child natal policy.