Book Review: Agreements on Jurisdictions and Choice of Law by Adrian Briggs, Oxford University Press

Vaughan Black


If there is any lingering resistance to the central role that freedom of contract plays in private international law today, then this book by one of England's foremost scholars in the field should put an end to it; Agreements on Jurisdiction and Choice of Law (AJCL) is the most comprehensive descriptive account of court selection and choice of law terms in business contracts. Its focus is commercial activity, so there is next to nothing here on how the matter plays out in interfamily agreements, such as prenuptial contracts, and little on legislative interventions in the consumer sphere. It is centred on United Kingdom law, but there is also discussion of other Commonwealth jurisdictions (including Canada), several European countries and, to a lesser extent, the United States. Within those bounds, its highly readable coverage of the subject is exhaustive. In that regard AJCL is likely to be of great benefit to practitioners and, for that reason alone, deserves a wide readership.


International Law; Contract Law; Commercial Law

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