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2014: Faculty Scholarship Opt-Out Process for Developing Countries Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2007: Faculty Scholarship Paediatric MRI Research Ethics: The Priority Issues Abstract   SSRN
Michael Hadskis, Jocelyn Downie
1996: Faculty Scholarship Parallel Paths: Fiduciary Doctrine and the Crown-Native Relationship in Canada Abstract   SSRN
Leonard Rotman
2012: Faculty Scholarship Pereira's Attack on Legalizing Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide: Smoke and Mirrors Abstract   SSRN
Jocelyn Downie
2016: Faculty Scholarship Permitting Voluntary Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Law Reform Pathways for Common Law Jurisdictions Abstract   SSRN
Jocelyn Downie
2015: Faculty Scholarship Personal Stare Decisis, HIV Non-Disclosure, and the Decision in Mabior Abstract   SSRN
Elaine Craig
2014: Faculty Scholarship Person(s) of Interest and Missing Women: Legal Abandonment in the Downtown Eastside Abstract   SSRN
Elaine Craig
2016: Faculty Scholarship Polyjural and Polycentric Sustainability Assessment: A Once-in-a-Generation Law Reform Opportunity Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2008: Faculty Scholarship Power, Parliament and Prorogation: A Canadian Political Drama Abstract   SSRN
Wayne MacKay
2010: Faculty Scholarship Power without Law: The Supreme Court of Canada, the Marshall Decisions, and the Failure of Judicial Activism Abstract   SSRN
Diana Ginn
2010: Faculty Scholarship Precarious Pathways: Evaluating the Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada Abstract
Jamie Baxter
2008: Faculty Scholarship Prenatal Management of Anencephaly Abstract   SSRN
Joanna Erdman
2015: Mini Law School Preparing for Paris: An Update on UN Climate Negotiations Abstract   YouTube
Meinhard Doelle
2007: Faculty Scholarship Preventing Salmon Escapes from Aquaculture in Canada and the USA: Limited International Coordinates, Divergent Regulatory Currents and Possible Future Courses Abstract   SSRN
David VanderZwaag
2008: Faculty Scholarship Privacy and the New Virtualism Abstract   SSRN
Jonathon W. Penney
2006: Faculty Scholarship Privacy Goes to the Dogs Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2003: Faculty Scholarship Protecting Human Research Subjects: A Jurisdictional Analysis Abstract   SSRN
Jennifer Llewellyn
2013: Faculty Scholarship Protecting Rights and Building Capacities: Challenges to Global Mental Health Policy in Light of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Abstract   SSRN
Sheila Wildeman
2009: Faculty Scholarship Public Health Protection and Drinking Water Quality on First Nation Reserves: Considering the New Federal Regulatory Proposal Abstract   SSRN
Constance MacIntosh
2013: Faculty Scholarship Putting the Train of Environmental Governance Back on Track: Nova Scotia’s Experiment in Using Legislation to Strengthen Environmental Governance Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle, William Lahey
2004: Faculty Scholarship Queering Legal Education: A Project of Theoretical Discovery Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2009: Faculty Scholarship R. v. Ha: Upholding General Warrants Without Asking the Right Questions Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2010: Faculty Scholarship R. V. Munyaneza: Pondering Canada's First Core Crimes Conviction Abstract   SSRN
Robert J. Currie
2011: Faculty Scholarship R. v. Ryan Duress is Not Necessary Where Necessity is Sufficient Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2010: Faculty Scholarship (Re) Constructing Judicial Ethics in Canada Abstract   SSRN
Richard Devlin
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