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2015: Faculty Scholarship Recovery Planning for Pacific Marine Species at Risk in the Wake of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification: Canadian Practice, Future Courses Abstract   SSRN
David VanderZwaag
1999: Faculty Scholarship Redressing the Imbalances: Rethinking the Judicial Role after R. v. R.D.S. Abstract   SSRN
Richard Devlin, Dianne Pothier
2009: Faculty Scholarship Reform of Ontario's Law on Jurisdiction Abstract   SSRN
Vaughan Black
2008: Faculty Scholarship Reforming Homicide Law to Separate Guilt from Sentence: An International Gloss Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2008: Faculty Scholarship Re-Interpreting the Criminal Regulation of Sex Work in Light of Labaye Abstract   SSRN
Elaine Craig
2008: Faculty Scholarship Relational Theory and Health Law and Policy Abstract   SSRN
Jennifer Llewellyn, Jocelyn Downie
2015: Mini Law School Religion Conscience, Expression and Political Thought: Your Fundamental Freedoms Abstract   YouTube
Jodi Lazare
2013: Mini Law School Religious Freedom in Canada: The Intersection of Law and Religion Abstract   YouTube
Diana Ginn
2015: Faculty Scholarship Report from the Restorative Justice Process at the Dalhousie University Faculty of Dentistry Abstract   SSRN
Jennifer Llewellyn
2009: Faculty Scholarship Residence of Companies Under Tax Treaties and EU Law (Canada) Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2010: Faculty Scholarship Residence of Individuals (Canada) Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2012: Faculty Scholarship Respectful and Responsible Relationships: There’s No App for That (The Report of the Nova Scotia Task Force on Bullying and Cyberbullying) Abstract   SSRN
Wayne MacKay
2007: Faculty Scholarship Respecting Adolescents' Confidentiality and Reproductive and Sexual Choices Abstract   SSRN
Joanna Erdman
2015: Mini Law School Responding to Cyberbullying: There's no app for that Abstract   YouTube
Wayne MacKay
2009: Faculty Scholarship Response to the Consultation Paper of the Task Force on the Canadian Common Law Degree of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, Canadian Association of Law Teachers/Canadian Law and Society Association Abstract   SSRM
Richard Devlin
2013: Faculty Scholarship Restorative Justice and the Rule of Law: Rethinking Due Process through a Relational Theory of Rights Abstract   SSRN
Bruce Archibald
2011: Faculty Scholarship Restorative Justice, Euthanasia, and Assisted Suicide: A New Arena for Restorative Justice and a New Path for End of Life Law and Policy in Canada Abstract   SSRN
Jennifer Llewellyn, Jocelyn Downie
1999: Faculty Scholarship Restorative Justice: A Conceptual Framework Abstract   SSRN
Jennifer Llewellyn
2016: Faculty Scholarship Review of Approaches to and Best Practices in the Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in Canada: Appendix M of the Final Report of the Newfoundland & Labrador Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel Abstract   NLHFRP
William Lahey
2016: Faculty Scholarship Reviewing Implementation & Compliance Under the Paris Climate Agreement: Preliminary Thoughts on Process Design for Articles 13-15 Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2007: Faculty Scholarship Rounding Up the Usual Criminal Suspects, and a Few More Civil Ones: Section 7 after Chaoulli Abstract   SSRN
Rollie Thompson
2008: Faculty Scholarship Safe and Inclusive Schools – Expensive … Quality Education – Priceless, for Everything Else There's Lawyers! Abstract   SSRN
Wayne MacKay
2015: Faculty Scholarship "Scholarship as Activism" Chapter 29 in The Unbounded Level of the Mind: Rod MacDonald's Legal Imagination Abstract   Novanet
Kim Brooks
2016: Faculty Scholarship Section 276 Misconstrued: The Failure to Properly Interpret and Apply Canada's Rape Shield Provisions Abstract   SSRN
Elaine Craig
2010: Faculty Scholarship Section 2(b) Advertising Rights on Government Property: Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority, a New Can of Worms and the Liberty Two-Step? Abstract   SSRN
Elaine Craig
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