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2013: Faculty Scholarship Sections 9, 10 and 11 of the Canadian Charter Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan, Robert J. Currie
2011: Faculty Scholarship Sex Work By Law: Bedford's Impact on the Municipal Regulation of the Sex Trade Abstract   SSRN
Elaine Craig
2009: Faculty Scholarship Social and Economic Rights in Canada: What are They and Who Can Best Protect Them? Abstract   SSRN
Wayne MacKay
2014: Faculty Scholarship Speak Up, We Can't Hear You Abstract   SSRN
Jocelyn Downie
2013: Mini Law School Sport: How It Shapes Our Identity -- And Our Laws Abstract   YouTube
Brent Cotter
2012: Faculty Scholarship Steering and Rowing in Health Care: The Devolution Option? Abstract
Joanna Erdman
2010: Faculty Scholarship Stopping Vehicles on a Downhill Slope: R. v. Nolet Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2012: Faculty Scholarship Substitute Decision Making about Research: Identifying the Legally Authorized Representative in Four Canadian Provinces Abstract
Sheila Wildeman
2016: Faculty Scholarship Sustainable Arctic Shipping: Are Current International Rules for Polar Shipping Sufficient? Abstract   SSRN
Aldo Chircop
2010: Faculty Scholarship Tackling Disability Discrimination at Work: Towards a Systemic Approach Abstract   SSRN
Dianne Pothier
2007: Faculty Scholarship Taking Responsibility: Mandatory Legal Ethics in Canadian Law Schools Abstract   SSRN
Richard Devlin, Jocelyn Downie
2009: Faculty Scholarship Tax Sparing: A Needed Incentive for Foreign Investment in Low Income Countries or an Unnecessary Revenue Sacrifice Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2003: Faculty Scholarship Tax Stories: An In-Depth Look at Ten Leading Federal Income Tax Cases Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2007: Faculty Scholarship Tax Treaty Treatment of Royalty Payments from Low-Income Countries: A Comparison of Canada and Australia's Policies Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2015: Faculty Scholarship Teaching 'Public Interest Vocationalism': Law as a Case Study Abstract   SSRN
Jocelyn Downie, Richard Devlin
2009: Faculty Scholarship Teaching Canadian Labour and Employment Law in the Globalized New Economy: Ruminations of an Aging Neophyte Abstract   SSRN
Bruce Archibald
2010: Faculty Scholarship Technology and Judicial Reason: Digital Copyright, Secondary Liability, and the Problem of Perspective Abstract   SSRN
Jonathon W. Penney
2013: Faculty Scholarship Telus: Asking the Right Questions About General Warrants Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2009: Faculty Scholarship Ten Years after Ewanchuk the Art of Seduction is Alive and Well: An Examination of the Mistaken Belief in Consent Defence Abstract   SSRN
Elaine Craig
2008: Faculty Scholarship Testing the Waters: Jurisdictional and Policy Aspects of the Continuing Failure to Remedy Drinking Water Quality on First Nations Reserves Abstract   SSRN
Constance MacIntosh
1993: Faculty Scholarship Tezcan v. Tezcan: Choice of Law in Matrimonial Property Abstract   SSRN
Vaughan Black
2004: Faculty Scholarship The Allocation of Profits between Related Entities and the Oppression Remedy: An Analysis of Ford Motor Co. V. Omers Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2007: Faculty Scholarship The Arctic Council at 10 Years: Retrospect and Prospects Abstract   SSRN
David VanderZwaag
2011: Faculty Scholarship The Arctic Council at 15 Years: Edging Forward in a Sea of Governance Challenges Abstract   SSRN
David VanderZwaag
2001: Faculty Scholarship The Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy, Arctic Council and Multilateral Environmental Initiatives: Tinkering While the Arctic Marine Environment Totters Abstract   SSRN
David VanderZwaag
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