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2007: Faculty Scholarship Global Reach, Local Grasp: Constructing Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in the Age of Globalization Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan, Robert J. Currie, Hugh M. Kindred
2011: Faculty Scholarship Good Faith, Bad Faith and the Gulf between: A Proposal for Consistent Terminology Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2012: Faculty Scholarship Governing Information: A Three Dimensional Analysis of Environmental Assessment Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2009: Faculty Scholarship Great Strides in Section 9 Jurisprudence Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2016: Mini Law School Happiness + Law Abstract   YouTube
Benjamin Perryman
2012: Faculty Scholarship Harm Reduction, Human Rights, and Access to Information on Safer Abortion Abstract
Joanna Erdman
2011: Faculty Scholarship Heading for the Light: International Relocation from Canada Abstract   SSRN
Rollie Thompson
2008: Faculty Scholarship Health Equity, HPV and the Cervical Cancer Vaccine Abstract   SSRN
Joanna Erdman
2007: Faculty Scholarship High Seas Fisheries: Troubled Waters, Tangled Governance and Recovery Prospects Abstract   SSRN
David VanderZwaag
2002: Faculty Scholarship Hired Guns and Smoking Guns: McCabe v British American Tobacco Australia Ltd Abstract   SSRN
Camille Cameron
2009: Faculty Scholarship How Did We Get Here: Setting the Standard for the Duty to Accommodate Abstract   SSRN
Dianne Pothier
2011: Faculty Scholarship How Harper Will Reshape Canada's Courts Abstract   SSRN
Wayne MacKay
2000: Faculty Scholarship Human Rights and International Mutual Legal Assistance: Resolving the Tension Abstract   SSRN
Robert J. Currie
2009: Faculty Scholarship Human Rights in Health Equity: Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccines Abstract   SSRN
Joanna Erdman
2011: Faculty Scholarship Ill-Informed Consent? A Content Analysis of Physical Risk Disclosure in School-Based HPV Vaccine Programs Abstract   SSRN
Jocelyn Downie
2014: Faculty Scholarship Imagining Success for a Restorative Approach to Justice: Implications for Measurement and Evaluation Abstract   SSRN
Jennifer Llewellyn, Bruce Archibald
2008: Faculty Scholarship Improving Privacy Protection, But by How Much? Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2014: Faculty Scholarship In Defence of Consent and Capacity Boards for End-of-Life Care Abstract   SSRN
Jocelyn Downie, Michael Hadskis
2007: Faculty Scholarship In the Back Alleys of Health Care: Abortion, Equality and Community in Canada Abstract   SSRN
Joanna Erdman
2015: Faculty Scholarship Incidental Findings and the Minimal Risk Standard in Pediatric Neuroimaging Research Abstract   SSRN
Jocelyn Downie, Michael Hadskis
2016: Faculty Scholarship Indian Act By-Laws: A Viable Means for First Nations to (Re)Assert Control Over Local Matters Now and Not Later Abstract   SSRN
Naiomi Metallic
2005: Faculty Scholarship Indigenous Self-Determination and Research on Human Genetic Material: A Consideration of the Relevance of Debates on Patents and Informed Consent, and the Political Demands on Researchers Abstract   SSRN
Constance MacIntosh
2016: Faculty Scholarship Integrating Climate Change into EA: Thoughts on Federal Law Reform Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2008: Faculty Scholarship Inter-Nation Equity: The Development of an Important but Underappreciated International Tax Value Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2008: Faculty Scholarship International and EC Tax Aspects of Groups of Companies (Canada) Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
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