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2015: Faculty Scholarship International Tax Policy: The Counter-Story Presented by the BRICS Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2011: Faculty Scholarship Internet Access Rights: A Brief History and Intellectual Origins Abstract   SSRN
Jonathon W. Penney
2002: Faculty Scholarship Interprovincial Inter-Insurer Interactions: Unifund v. ICBC Abstract   SSRN
Vaughan Black
2010: Faculty Scholarship Introduction - Queer Theory: Law, Culture, Empire Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2011: Mini Law School Introduction to Copyright Law Abstract   YouTube
Graham Reynolds
2007: Faculty Scholarship Invasive Seaweed: Global and Regional Law and Policy Responses Abstract
David VanderZwaag
2014: Mini Law School Invisible Riches: Offshore Tax Evasion and the Global Crackdown Abstract   YouTube
Geoffrey Loomer
2013: Faculty Scholarship Is Corporate Law Experiencing Its Own 'Groundhog Day'? Abstract   SSRN
Leonard Rotman
2009: Faculty Scholarship Is Fiduciary Law Efficient? A Preliminary Analysis Abstract   SSRN
Leonard Rotman
2010: Faculty Scholarship Ivan Rand's Ancient Constitutionalism Abstract   SSRN
Jonathon W. Penney
2010: Faculty Scholarship Judge - Architect - Judge Abstract   SSRN
Richard Devlin
2011: Faculty Scholarship Judges and Religious-Based Reasoning Abstract   SSRN
Diana Ginn
2011: Faculty Scholarship Justice Bastarache, the Charter and Judging: Principled Pragmatism and the Centrality of Equality Abstract   SSN
Wayne MacKay
2009: Faculty Scholarship Justice Bertha Wilson: One Woman's Difference Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2008: Faculty Scholarship Kapp Gives Affirmative Action Wide Margins Abstract   SSRN
Dianne Pothier
2011: Faculty Scholarship Keeping 'Reasonable Grounds' Meaningful Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2010: Faculty Scholarship Kwiatkowski: Privacy Protection and Risk Analysis: Losing the Forest in the Telephoto Shots of the Trees Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2009: Faculty Scholarship Laws of Desire: The Political Morality of Public Sex Abstract   SSRN
Elaine Craig
2003: Faculty Scholarship Learning to Live with an Imperfect Tax: A Defence of the Corporate Tax Abstract   SSRN
Kim Brooks
2013: Faculty Scholarship Legal Institutions of Farmland Succession: Implications for Sustainable Food Systems Abstract   SSRN
Jamie Baxter
2014: Mini Law School Legal Regulation of Research Animals Abstract   YouTube
Vaughan Black
2008: Faculty Scholarship Let My People Go: Human Capital Investment and Community Capacity Building Via Meta/Regulation in a Deliberative Democracy - a Modest Contribution for Criminal Law and Restorative Justice Abstract   SSRN
Bruce Archibald
2016: Faculty Scholarship Looking Up, Down, and Sideways: Reconceiving Cumulative Effects Assessment as a Mindset Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2013: Faculty Scholarship Loss & Damage in the UN Climate Regime: A Way to Bridge the Ambition Gap? Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2015: Faculty Scholarship Loss and Damage in the UN Climate Regime: Prospects for Paris Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
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