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2008: Faculty Scholarship Mandatory Legal Education is a Step in the Right Direction Abstract   SSRN
Richard Devlin, Jocelyn Downie
2009: Faculty Scholarship Marine Protected Areas: Legal Framework for the Gully Off the Coast of Nova Scotia (Canada) Abstract   SSRN
David VanderZwaag
2016: Faculty Scholarship Maximizing the Potential of the Paris Agreement: Effective Review of Action and Support in a Bottom-Up Regime Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2010: Faculty Scholarship Mediation in Environmental Assessments in Canada: Unfulfilled Promise? Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2008: Faculty Scholarship Medication Abortion in Canada: A Right-to-Health Perspective Abstract
Joanna Erdman
2012: Mini Law School Mini Law School - Understanding Sexual Assault Law Abstract   YouTube
Elaine Craig
2009: Faculty Scholarship Moral Authority in English and American Abortion Law Abstract   SSRN
Joanna Erdman
2009: Faculty Scholarship Muscutt V. Courcelles Revisited: The Court of Appeal for Ontario Takes Another Look Abstract   SSRN
Vaughan Black
2009: Faculty Scholarship Myths and Tips on the Support Guidelines Abstract   SSRN
Rollie Thompson
2016: Mini Law School Navigating the Legal System Abstract   YouTube
Cynthia Chewter
2012: Faculty Scholarship Negotiating the Interface of Environmental and Economic Governance: Nova Scotia's Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle, William Lahey
2011: Faculty Scholarship New First Principles? Assessing the Internet's Challenges to Jurisdiction Abstract   SSRN
Robert J. Currie
2012: Faculty Scholarship New Governance Arrangements at the Intersection of Climate Change and Forest Policy: Institutional, Political and Regulatory Dimensions Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2010: Faculty Scholarship New Words for Old Problems: The Dunsmuir Era Abstract   SSRN
Diana Ginn
2015: Faculty Scholarship No Lawyer for a Hundred Miles? Mapping the New Geography of Access of Justice in Canada Abstract   SSRN
Jamie Baxter
2009: Faculty Scholarship Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition: A Primer on the Use (and Abuse) of Ex Parte Proceedings in Civil Cases Abstract   SSRN
Robert J. Currie
1998: Faculty Scholarship Not a Chance: Comments on Waddams, The Valuation of Chances Abstract   SSRN
Vaughan Black
2010: Faculty Scholarship Not so Simple after All: A Comment on Ravndahl v. Saskatchewan Abstract   SSRN
Dianne Pothier
2005: Faculty Scholarship Nothing Plus Nothing Equals... Something? A Proposal for FLIR Warrants on Reasonable Suspicion Abstract   SSRN
Steve Coughlan
2016: Faculty Scholarship Nova Scotia's Cap & Trade System: A Modest Proposal Abstract   SSRN
Meinhard Doelle
2016: Faculty Scholarship Ocean Law Reform: A Multi-Level Comparative Law Analysis of Nigerian Maritime Zone Legislation Abstract   SSRN
Aldo Chircop
2010: Faculty Scholarship Ocean Policy: A Canadian Case Study Abstract   SSRN
David VanderZwaag
2014: Faculty Scholarship Offshore Renewable Energy Governance in Nova Scotia: A Case Study of Tidal Energy in the Bay of Fundy Abstract
Meinhard Doelle
2009: Faculty Scholarship On Obligations and Contamination: The Crown-Aboriginal Relationship in the Context of Internationally-Sourced Infringements Abstract   SSRN
Constance MacIntosh
2012: Faculty Scholarship Ontario‚Äôs Administrative Tribunal Clusters: A Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty for Administrative Justice? Abstract   SSRN
Jamie Baxter
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