Topic 10 (T10): Plants

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Topic 10 (T10): Plants

T10.1 Vegetation Change (Page 186)

T10.2 Successional Trends in Vegetation (Page 189)

T10.3 Vegetation and the Environment (Page 192)

T10.4 Plant Communities in Nova Scotia (Page 194)

T10.5 Seed-bearing Plants (Page 197)

T10.6 Trees (Page 201)

T10.7 Pteridophytes (Ferns and their allies) (Page 204)

T10.8 Bryophytes (Mosses, Liverworts and Hornworts) (Page 206)

T10.9 Algae (Page 208)

T10.10 Fungi (Page 214)

T10.11 Lichens (Page 216)

T10.12 Rare and Endangered Plants (Page 220)


Vegetation Change; Successional Trends; Vegetation and the Environment; Plant Communities; Nova Scotia; Seed-bearing Plants; Trees; Pteridophytes; Ferns; Bryophytes; Mosses; Liverworts; Hornworts; Algae; Fungi; Lichens; Rare and Endangered Plants

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