Topic 12 (T12): Cultural Environments


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Cultural Environments, Colonization by People, Cultural Landscapes, Geology, Resources, Glacial Deposits, and Resources, Climate, The Ocean, The Coast, Fresh Water, Soil, Plants, Animals, Recreational Resources, Scenic Quality


Topic 12 (T12): Cultural Environments (Page 308)

T12.1 Colonization by People (Page 310)

T12.2 Cultural Landscapes (Page 315)

T12.3 Geology and Resources (Page 322)

T12.4 Glacial Deposits and Resources (Page 331)

T12.5 Climate and Resources (Page 335)

T12.6 The Ocean and Resources (Page 339)

T12.7 The Coast and Resources (Page 344)

T12.8 Fresh Water and Resources (Page 348)

T12.9 Soil and Resources (Page 355)

T12.10 Plants and Resources (Page 360)

T12.11 Animals and Resources (Page 368)

T12.12 Recreational Resources (Page 377)

T12.13 Scenic Quality (Page 381)




The natural history of Nova Scotia, Volume 1