Topic 2 (T2): Geology

Museum of Natural History Nova Scotia Museum


Topic 2 (T2): Geology

T2.1 Introduction to the Geological History of Nova Scotia (Page 12)

T2.2 The Avalon and Meguma Zones (Page 18)

T2.3 Granite in Nova Scotia (Page 26)

T2.4 The Carboniferous Basin (Page 29)

T2.5 The Nova Scotian Desert (Page 34)

T2.6 The Triassic Basalts and Continental Rifting (Page 39)

T2.7 Offshore Geology (Page 43)


Nova Scotia; Geological history; avalon zone; meguma zone; granite; Carboniferous Basin; Nova Scotian Desert; Triassic Basalts; Continental Rifting; Offshore Geology

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