Morphological and Biometric Study of the Bones of the Buccal Apparatus of Some Nova Scotia Fishes of Archaeological Interest (Curatorial Report #96)


  • Alfonso Rojo


Archeology, Excavations, Morphological Study, Biometric Study, Fishes, Buccal Apparatus


The present report describes the results of the work carried out thanks to a N. S. Museum Grant (1998-1999). This pilot work, although incomplete, will fill a gap in Nova Scotia faunal studies since, there is not yet an organized reference collection of fish bones available to zooarchaeologists in the area nor a systematic description of the osteology of Nova Scotia fishes.

The general purpose specified in the title can be divided in this report into the three following objectives:

1. Preparation of a reference collection of disarticulated fish skeletons of commercial size
for the use of zooarchaeologists interested in fish remains.

2. Calculation of regression equations, to estimate the size (length or weight) of the live
fish with selected bone dimensions.

3. Preparation of drawings and plates to identify the bones and dichotornic tables for the
rapid identification of the species to which the bones belong.

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