The Nova Scotia Museum Isle Haute Expedition July 1997 (Curatorial Report #90)


  • Robert Grantham


Botany, Nova Scotia, Isle Haute, Geology, Zoology


Purpose of the expedition

Although Isle Haute has been the subject of moderate investigations in the past, it continues to offer the opportunity to discover new information and to verify older finds. It is an island rich in legend, history, and Mi'kmaq tradition. It is composed of towering geological features and is the home of a curious assemblage of animals and plants. Because of these, the island is of interest to persons working in a variety of disciplines, many of which are represented among the staff of the Nova Scotia Museum. Because the museum was undertaking the study of the island, an invitation was extended to others, who may have been experiencing difficulty in getting to the island, to participate in the expedition. The museum is well positioned to undertake such an endeavour by virtue of its mix of scientific and technical expertise.

This report presents the preliminary results of field work conducted on Isle Haute between July 14 and July 18, 1997, and includes references to previous studies.

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