Notes on a Collection of Specimens Made by the Challenger Expedition 1873 (Curatorial Report #9)


  • Derek S. Davis


Challenger Expedition (1873), Oceanography, Deep-sea animals, Deep-sea fishes, Collections


The Challenger Expedition (1873-76) has been acclaimed for its pioneer work in oceanography and for the great quantity of new information and material that was collected. During the early part of the voyage, after the first Atlantic crossing, H. M.S. Challenger visited the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia (May 9-19, 1873).

During this visit the scientific staff of the expedition, under the leadership of Professor C. Wyville Thomson, met with members of' the Nova Scotian Institute for Natural Sciences. Dr. David Honeyman, who was at that time curator of the Provincial Museum and secretary of the Institute took part in the meeting. Accounts of the visit and meeting are given by Gossip (1873) and Wyville Thomson (1877).

Perhaps as a result of the keen interest in deep sea studies shown by Dr. Honeyman, Professor Thomson donated a small series of samples to the museum. 


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