Marine Animals Collected During FRB Cruise 104 1972 (Curatorial Report #10)


  • Derek Sidney Davis
  • John Gilhen


Zoological specimens, Oceanography, Marine invertebrates, fishes, Collections


The program of the Nova Scotia Museum requires that a comprehensive reference collection of local marine animals be developed. Present facilities have permitted regular additions of intertidal and shallow water species, but not deep water, pelagic or planktonic species. Full development of the collection therefore involves cooperative work with institutions such as the Fisheries Research Board (FRB) of Canada.

Museum staff were unable to participate in Fisheries Research Board Cruise 104, in July-August 1972, however, Dr. Paul Odense agreed to keep same samples of the invertebrates and fishes that were collected during the cruise.

Samples were taken during the period July 31 to August 4 from stations on the continental shelf and in deep water off the continental slope. In all, 47 lots were added to the museum collection, these being 27 of invertebrates and 20 of fishes.


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