Collections made in association with C.S.S. Dawson Cruise 72-004 (Curatorial Report #12)


  • Paul S. Doleman


Deep-sea animals, Deep-sea fishes, Dawson (ship), oceanography


Although the Nova Scotia Museum deals mainly with native species, exotic specimens are also useful. They can serve as reference material for the identification of accidental specimens as well as for the determination of collections brought back by tourists. Because Nova Scotia's fauna is limited, exotic material is required for special exhibits and talks in order to better demonstrate biological principles.

Between February 21, 1972 and March 25, 1972, the Fisheries Research Board conducted a research cruise to the Caribbean and Bermuda.  The periods spent on land provided excellent opportunities for qathering exotic fauna and most of the time was sent doing so by searching.

Intertidal mollusca were primarily collected, however, land mollusca, arthropoda as well as other animals were also taken. While at sea, sampling was done by Neuston nets which were towed along the surface of the water and by Bongo and Isaacs Kidd nets which were towed beneath the surface of the water. Longlining was also carried out Of all the specimens which were captured at sea, most are fish and they were taken by longline.


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