Collections made in association with C.S.S. Hudson Cruise 73-002 (Curatorial Report #13)


  • Paul S. Doleman


Mollusks, Hudson (ship)


The program of the Nova Scotia Museum requires a comprehensive collection which has both research and interpretive value. Naturally most of the species represented in the collections are native to Nova Scotia but there are also exotic species. A collection of tropical shells has developed, mostly through donations, dating back to the last century. These shells give greater interpretive value to the collection because of the increased variety and number of taxa readily available to illustrate biological principles our own fauna cannot, and to supplement exhibits which primarily use native fauna. Exotic specimens also aid in the identification of accidentally occuring specimens as well as collections brought back by tourists.

Opportunities to expand this collection have been taken whenever possible. Another opportunity to expand the collection was taken advantage of early in 1973 when facilities were provided to go to Bermuda. About thirty-six mollusc species were collected, approximately thirteen being new to the collection. In all, one hundred seventeen lots have been added to the collection.


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