A Catalogue of the A.H.MacKay Lichen Collection with a Short Biography of A.H.MacKay (Curatorial Report #16)


  • John MacDonald


MacKay, A.H (Alexander Howard) 1848-1929, Natural History, Lichens, Collections


Alexander Howard MacKay was Nova Scotia's Superintendent of Education from
1891 to 1927. He was one of Canada's great educationists, as well as the author of
numerous scientific papers and a prominent figure in the scientific organizations
developing in Canada in the late nineteenth century.

MacKay early began an herbarium of Nova Scotia plants. Harry Piers stated that it was one of seven collections upon which A. w. H. Lindsay based his catalogue of the province's flora in 1876.

Piers believed that MacKay's family donated his herbarium to Dalhousie University after MacKay's death. The Nova Scotia Museum obtained his lichen specimens from Dalhousie University in 1952.

MacKay's lichen specimens are kept as a separate collection in the Nova Scotia
Museum herbarium. A catalogue of the specimens follows. Both the catalogue and
the collection are arranged alphabetically.


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