The Restoration of the Wile Carding Mill (Curatorial Report #28)

Judy Boss


This report illustrates a basic approach to historic site development as practised by the Nova Scot1a Museum. In part1cular, it provides a record of the historical and physical development of the Wile Carding Mill to 1974.

The availability of the Wile Carding Mill was purchased on  May 1, 1974 on the recommendation of the Board of Governors of the Museum.

The first step toward restoration of the mill was research its historical background. Information necessary for the restoration and interpretation was determined to be as follows: a history of the Carding Mill as a small industry, an historical description of the building, information on members of the Wile family involved in the Carding Mill operation, a description of the carding process and a summary of other industries which once used water power from the same stream.

The Carding Mill was opened to the public on August 7, 1974.


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Wile Carding Mill Museum; Museums; Wool-carding

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