Benthic animals from Cruises P.114 and P.139, 1973 and 1974 (Curatorial Report #31)


  • Derek S. Davis


Marine plankton, Benthos, Collections


In 1972 Dr. Paul Odense of Environment Canada collected specimens of benthic and planktonic marine animals for the Nova Scotia Museum. The continuation of Dr. Odense's cruise program with the research stern trawler "E. E. Prince" in 1973 and 1974 provided additional opportunities for collecting, and the author was able to join cruises P.ll4 (1973) and P.l39 (1974). This personal involvement by a member of staff of the museum permitted much more effort to be devoted to the recording and collecting of animals obtained in the trawl samples.

During cruises P.ll4 and P.l39 sampling for benthos was carried out with an
Otter trawl in the following areas; Halifax Harbour approaches, Emerald Basin, Emerald Gully, Emerald Bank, the south side of Western Bank and Sable Island Bank.


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