Morphological and Biometric Study of Bones of Buccal Apparatus NS Fish Archaeological Interest (Curatorial Report #96)


  • Alfonso Rojo


Fishes, Nova Scotia, Archaeology, Excavations, Morphological Study, Biometric Study


This pilot work, although incomplete, will fill a gap in Nova Scotia faunal studies since, to my knowledge, there is not yet an organized reference collection of fish bones available to zoo archaeologists in the area, nor a systematic description of the osteology of Nova Scotia fishes.

Although only fishes from Nova Scotia were studied, the conclusions from this work can be applied, with some reservations, to fishes of other Maritime Provinces, Newfoundland and the state of Maine (U.S.).

All fishes studied for this report have been deposited in the collection of the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, in Halifax. N. S. A personal collection from previous years, already donated to the Museum, has been partially incorporated into the present study.


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