Tracing the Built Form of HMC Dockyard (Curatorial Report #88)


  • Brent Raymond


HMC Dockyard, Navy yards, Halifax Dockyards,


Historical interpretation is an important tool for appreciating history and gaining a better understanding of present situations. As landscapes change, it becomes more difficult for us to know about our built and cultural pasts. This research project, "Tracing the Built Form of HMC Dockyard, Halifax: 1758-1995", recognizes the importance of a better understanding of our past and how it has shaped the present.

HMC Dockyard is situated on the western shore of Halifax Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia. It has an important role in the history of Halifax. The present Dockyard encompasses an area of 16.76 acres, stretching from Halifax Shipyard Limited to the Halifax waterfront at Purdy's Wharf. In 1969, the Dockyard became part of Maritime Command and ceased its operation as a separate entity from the Halifax Defense Complex. Today, it remains an important feature in the urban form of Halifax and the naval activity of Canada.

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Marine History