Micmac Maliseet and Beothuk Collections in Europe and the Pacific (Curatorial Report #66)


  • Ruth Holmes Whitehead


Micmac, Maliseet, Beothuk, Mi'kmaq, Malecite, First Nations, Aboriginal peoples, antiquities, antiques, artifacts


This is the second in a series of curatorial reports issued by the Nova Scotia Museum on Micmac, Maliseet and Beothuk material in international collections. The first volume (Curatorial Report #62) dealt with material in Great Britain, and included 154 Micmac, 20 Maliseet and 11 Beothuk artifacts.


This second volume covers items in continental European collections, as well as several collections in Australia and New Zealand. In all, twenty-nine museums were investigated, providing an approximate total (some attributions are disputable) of 85 Micmac entries, and 5 Maliseet items--4 from Europe and 1 from Australia.


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