Black Loyalists of Nova Scotia Tracing the History of Tracadie Loyalists 1776-1787 (Curatorial Report #91)

Carmelita Robertson


This report traces the history of Black Loyalists who were granted 3000 acres (1200 hectares) of land at Tracadie, Nova Scotia, in 1787.

This report is divided into three chapters. The first chapter contains biographies of those persons listed in the "Book of Negroes" who left New York for Port Mouton, Nova Scotia. The second chapter contains information found in the "Loyalist Muster Roll of Chedabucto Negroes, 1776 - 1785." The third chapter of the report examines the 1787 Tracadie land-grant documents.

There are also four appendices: Name Variations of Tracadie Land Grantees, Ships departing for Port Mouton, NS, 1783, Origin Distribution Chart of Black Loyalists of Port Mouton, and Crown Land Grant Book 19, document 15. _____________________________________________________________________

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Black Loyalists; Antigonish County; history; Tracadie loyalists; Blacks

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