Nova Scotia Macrolichen Checklist (Curatorial Report #101 Appendix)


  • Frances Anderson


Lichens, Macrolichens


This document only contains the "Nova Scotia Macrolichen Checklist." For more information, please refer to Curatorial Report #101.


This comprehensive spreadsheet includes 341 macrolichen species arranged alphabetically by genus and species, species authorities, counties arranged alphabetically and a reference specimen for each species which is cited in the last column. Herbarium numbers ending with P are from the Nova Scotia Museum. Other institutional herbarium codes appear in parentheses. Reference specimens from personal collections have no parentheses. Details on numbers of specimens recorded per county or the herbaria/collections where specimens are located are available from the author at Those details are not included for simplicity of viewing and because in many cases, specimen packets contained other species for which there were no county records, but also no listing on the packet. Those specimens might not appear in herbarium databases.