1-14 Thelypteridaceae, marsh fern family

Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell, Nicholas M. Hill


Predominantly tropical, only four species reach NS, of the 900 described species. Formerly included with Dryopteris,they are now separated from this genus on the bases of indument (needle–like hairs) on the frond and the absence of scales within the blades. Rhizomes are scaly only at the top; blades no more than twice-pinnate. Veins extend to the margins on the pinnae. Sori are central on the pinnae, round or rarely elongated along the veins. Indusia are kidney-shaped if present. Image use provided by Sean Blaney, Alex Wilson and Reta Cook.


native ferns, Pteridophyte, marsh fern family, beech fern, New York fern, Massachussetts fern, Thelypteris, Phegopteris

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