3-1 Aceraceae, maple family

Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell, Nicholas M. Hill


Our beloved national symbol is one of 110 species found on all continents. Divided between two genera; the other is limited to China. All species are woody, trees or shrubs. Our native species have simple, opposite leaves. Flowers are regular and hypogynous, and are almost completely or functionally unisexual. Sepals and petals are five-merous. Typically eight stamens are inserted into the nectary disk, if present. The ovary has two locules, compressed at right angles to the septum. Fruits are double samaras, the single-seeded winged portion soon dropping away from the persistent central axis. Images belong to Ross Hall, David Mazerolle, Sean Blaney and Martin Thomas.


Magnoliophyte, dicot, maple family, maples, sugar maple, mountain maple, striped maple, moosewood, Norway Maple, red maple and silver maple, Acer

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