3-35 Elaeagnaceae, Oleaster Family

Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell, Nicholas M. Hill


Of the three genera of woody plants, two are found in Nova Scotia. One is native and one is introduced. Shrubs or small trees, all have scaly bark and leaves. In addition the leaves are simple, their margins entire. Flowers may be solitary or arranged in umbels or racemes, perfect or unisexual. Hypanthium of staminate flowers is of a different shape from that of the pistillate flowers. Stamens are inserted and equal the number of sepals or double. Fruits are dry achenes, subtended by a fleshy or mealy hypanthium forming a berry or drupe.. Photos submitted by Marian Munro, Martin Thomas and David Mazerolle.


Magnoliophyte, dicots, oleaster family, Shepherdia, Elaeagnus, rabbitberry, Russian olive, silverberry, species-at-risk, YELLOW-listed.

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