3-11 Berberidaceae, barberry family

Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell, Nicholas M. Hill


Mostly Asian in distribution, this family is closely allied with the
buttercups. Of the 650 species in 13 genera, NS has only three genera
and four species.

Perfect flowers are regular in form and hypogynous. Sepals 4–6 and
sometimes petaloid, they are usually deciduous. Petals when present
are half as many or equal to the number of stamens. Both shrubs and
herbs are found here, the woody species have alternate leaves and
simple thorns. Fruits are berries in all species.
Photographs are included by Sean Blaney, Martin Thomas, Beth Cameron
and Alain Belliveau.


Magnoliophyte, dicot, barberry family, blue cohosh, may-apple, mandrake, Berberis, barberry, Podophcyllum, Caulophyllum, poisonous plant

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