The Mi’kmaw Bestiary A Compendium of documented Mi’kmaw terms and phrases relating to animals (Curatorial Report #103)

Andrew Hebda


This document summarizes published accounts of Mi’kmaw words used to identify or describe animals, be they mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects or other invertebrates.  They are presented in the forms they were published, with the inflections of the authors retained in the text. Although the review of the literature was extensive, some references may have been missed. If this is the case, it was not on purpose, and the author encourages any reader with additional insight to share such references for inclusion in future revisions.


Mi’kmaw; Mi’kmaq; zoology; animals; mammals; reptiles; amphibians; fish; invertebrates; molluscs; crustaceans; insects; arachnids; birds; bestiary; domestic animals; synonyms; ethnology

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