4-11 Juncaginaceae, arrowgrass family

Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell, Nicholas M. Hill


These are herbaceous perennials or annuals which are acaulescent and without turions. Generally rhizomatous, the leaves are basal and with persistent sheaths and auricles. The inflorescence may be racemose, spikelike, corymbose, but is rarely of solitary perfect flowers. The perianth is present, subtending bracts are absent. Tepals are solitary or in sixes, arranged in 1–2 series. Fruit is a nutlet or schizocarp, with a single seed. Sean Blaney, David Mazerolle, and Roger Lloyd provide use of their photos.


Magnoliophyte, arrowgrass family, monocots, Triglochin, arrowgrass

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