3-13 Boraginaceae, borage family

Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell, Nicholas M. Hill


A family of mostly herbaceous plants, there are about 2000 worldwide. Some are cultivated as ornamentals and others have had herbal significance historically. Most have simple alternate leaves and the plants are generally hirsute. Inflorescence is often circinate. Flowers are perfect and five-merous. Petals join to form a corolla tube; the sepals are distinct or merely joined. Corolla is tubular or salverform, and often has fornices in the throat. Stamens alternate with the lobes. Ovary is superior, divided into two carpels, each with two locules. Fruits are usually of 1–4 nutlets. Photographs suppled by Marian Munro, Sean Blaney, Martin Thomas and David Mazerolle.


Magnoliophyte, borage family, dicot, Borago, Echium, Anchusa, Mertensia, Symphytum, Lappula, Cynoglossum, Buglossoides, Myosotis, bugloss, borage, gromwell, comfrey, blueweed, stickseed, oysterplant, bluebells, lungwort, forget-me-not, circinate

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