4-13 Liliaceae, lily family

Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell, Nicholas M. Hill


While there is much compelling evidence available to divide this polyphyletic family into as many as 25 families, the older classification sensu Cronquist is retained here.

Many members are familiar as garden ornamentals and food plants such as onion, garlic, tulip and lily. The flowers are showy and mostly regular, three-merous and with a superior ovary. Nova Scotia has a relatively small diversity of liliaceous plants, but most are native. Image use provided by Ross Hall, Sean Blaney, Martin Thomas, Eugene Quigley, David Mazerolle, Peter Neily and Marian Munro.


Magnoliophyte, lily family, monocots, Allium, Veratrum, Uvularia, Trillium, Streptopus, Polygonatum, Ornithogalum, Medeola, Maianthemum, Lilium, Triantha, Hemerocallis, Erythronium, Convallaria, Clintonia, Asparagus, leek, asparagus, lily, lily-of-the-va

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