List of Mammals of Nova Scotia with synonyms used in the literature relating to Nova Scotia, including Mi‘kmaw names for Mammals (Curatorial Report #102)


  • Andrew Hebda


Mammals, Nova Scotia, synonomy, historical, common, scientific, English, French, names, bibliography, Mi‘kmaw, Mi‘kmaq, systematic, new, Provincial, polar, bear, record, Bowhead, whale, species, sub-species, families, extirpated, extra-limital


Of the 91 species of Mammals reported from Nova Scotia most have undergone some form of nominal revision. This document summarizes names (both scientific and common) for these species, including those which are, in a strict sense synonyms as well as those which may have been used commonly or possibly erroneously in the past. The document includes English, French and Mi‘kmaw names.  In many cases, names for similar European species had been applied to this fauna as a matter of course. This summary also includes two new additions to the provincial Mammal fauna as well as several species which have not persisted in the province.