Amphibians and Reptiles of Nova Scotia: Species Recorded in the Accession Books of Harry Piers 1899 to 1939 (Curatorial Report #104)


  • John Gilhen


Nova Scotia, amphibians, reptiles, frogs, toads, snakes, turtles, marine, terrestrial, freshwater


This report summarizes the work on amphibians and reptiles done by Harry Piers, one of the most significant figures in natural history in Nova Scotia during the last 100 years. Piers was a remarkable example of a complete Natural History curator . He had a thorough knowledge of the museum amphibian and reptile collection. He was able to collect, preserve and catalogue specimens from both groups. He had a good working knowledge of the available literature, both popular and scientific, on amphibians and reptiles as well as other groups. Using technical keys he could identify specimens unfamiliar to him. He could interpret herpetology for those lay persons who brought specimens to him and, he published important records in the scientific literature. Perhaps his most important attribute was his uncanny sense of what information would be important for future researchers.


It is hoped that, by presenting his records in this curatorial report, it will finally bring to light the  remarkable contribution Harry Piers made to the study of Nova Scotian amphibians and reptiles.



Please note: This information is derived from the original ledger books. The content may not reflect the current state of knowledge on the topic documented. Please be aware of this when using this resource.