The Serpent Chronologies - Sea Serpents and other Marine Creatures from Nova Scotia's History

Andrew J Hebda


The Serpent Chronologies, Sea Serpents and other Marine Creatures from Nova Scotia’s History is an annotated, systematic, account of reports of sightings of large serpents and other mysterious creatures recorded in Nova Scotia waters. These include Mi’kmaw petroglyphs, elements of captured oral history and documents excerpted from both the popular press as well as the scientific literature over the centuries. Where appropriate, these are discussed in terms of the culture of the times as well our current understanding of natural history. Illustrations have been created where there was sufficient information recorded, and based on these and the descriptions provided, these drawings reflect the nature of the creatures described in a modern context. It becomes evident that the chronology of such reports is a reflection, to a great part, of the state and development of both popular and scientific cultures of Nova Scotia throughout these times.


Nova Scotia, Halifax, Cape Breton, Atlantic, Northumberland Strait marine, freshwater history, pre-history Mi'kmaw, Mi'kmaq, petroglyph, serpent, sea serpent, sea snake, mermaid, merman, turtle, ophdian, walrus, kraken, basking shark, beaked whale,

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