Curatorial Report #106: The Robertson Building: An Archaeological and Architectural Survey


  • de Boer A. Laura


Robertson, William Robertson, Robertson‘s Hardware, Ship Chandlery, Hardware Store, historic building, dendrochronology, dendroarchaeology, warehouse, Albro, Edward Albro, Weir, Joseph Weir, Albro‘s Brick Store, George Mitchell, Maritime Museum, Maritime


This report details the history of the Robertson Building, a large wood, brick, and stone structure that forms part of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic at 1675 Lower Water Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dating in part to 1829, the building was most prominently home to Robertson‘s Ship Chandlery, which is now a reconstructed exhibit room at the museum. Included are the results of a thorough archaeological building survey conducted in 2011 and 2012, coupled with a series of scaled drawings and with previous archival research as well as 2012 dendroarchaeology testing. The results of the project provide insight into the building‘s history and its evolution over time, from original construction to modern day use.




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