Curatorial Report #108: List of Fish found in the Freshwaters of Nova Scotia


  • Andrew J Hebda


bibliography, brackish, carp, commo, English, extra-limital, extirpated, family, fish, French, freshwater, genus, historical, koi, names, Mi‘kmaw, Mi‘kmaq, Nova Scotia, Plecostomus, scientific, species, sub-species, synonymy, synonym, systematic, zoology


Full title:

List of Fish found in the Freshwaters of Nova Scotia
A review of Common Names and the taxonomy applied to these species
with synonyms used in the literature relating to Nova Scotia,
including Mi‘kmaw names for fish


Of the 58 species of freshwater and brackish water fish historically reported from Nova Scotia waters most have undergone some form of nominal revision. This document summarizes names (both scientific and common) for these species, including those which are, in a strict sense, synonyms as well as those which may have been used commonly or possibly erroneously in the past. The document includes English, French and Mi‘kmaw names. In many earlier publications, names for similar European species had been applied to this fauna as a matter of course. Due to the broad historical interest in this groups of animals both in the public as well as scientific communities, the literature reviewed encompasses a substantial portion of North-East North America. This document also serves as a bibliographic summary of much of the earlier literature relating to Nova Scotia fish fauna.