Nova Scotia Plants

Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell & Nicholas M. Hill

Published 2014




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Authors Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell and Nicholas M. Hill provide a comprehensive catalogue of Nova Scotia’s flora. Illustrated with GIS-generated distribution maps and full-colour photographs, these colleagues and friends offer a series of identification keys, a glossary, discussion of plant communities and a background to botanical study in the province. In addition, each species growing without the aid of cultivation, is documented with a description, flowering time, expected habitat and distribution within the province.  Where known, the worldwide range is given and place of origin, if an introduced species.

The conservation status is also illustrated by a series of colour-coded maps: red, yellow and orange, corresponding to currently accepted publications of provincial and national natural resources authorities.

The project took seven years to complete and involved academics, resource managers, GIS technicians, and students. Nearly 30 photographers were crowd-sourced and generously allowed use of their images of more than 1500 species of ferns and relatives, conifers, and flowering plants.



Part 1: Ferns and allies

Part 2: Conifers

Part 3: Dicots

Part 4: Monocots

Synoptic keys and glossary

Citation List



Special thanks are due to the following institutions for dedicated staff time:

  • The E. C. Smith Herbarium, part of the Irving Biodiversity Collection, in the KC Irving Environmental Science Centre, Acadia University
  • The Wildlife Division, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
  • Nova Scotia Department of Communities Culture & Heritage