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Vol 18 (2016) 'A Pestilent Knave from Macedonia:' Narratives of Culture and Ethnicity in Demosthenes' Third Philippic Abstract   PDF
Cristalle Watson
Vol 18 (2016) 'Leading the Way to the Beatific Fatherland:' Platonic Ascents, Capax Dei, and the Sceptical Self in Augustine's Confessions Abstract   PDF
Justin Wollf
Vol 17 (2015) A Note on the Ahistorical Metaphysics of Philo’s De Vita Mosis Abstract   PDF
Daniel Heide
Vol 17 (2015) A Note on the Metaphysics of History in Philo’s De Vita Mosis Abstract   PDF
Daniel Gillis
Vol 16 (2014) A Semonidian fragment (7) Abstract   PDF
Paul McGilvery
Vol 15 (2013) An Instructive Failure: The Status of Anaxagoras in Plato’s Phaedo and Parmenides, and Aristotle’s Metaphysics Book A Abstract   An Instructive Failure
Simcha Walfish
Vol 15 (2013) An Offer He Can’t Refuse: Virtue in the Marketplace in Plato’s Symposium Abstract   An Offer He Can’t Refuse
B.W.D. Heystee
Vol 16 (2014) Appropriation and approximation: tensions between “Greekness” and “Otherness” in the Ptolemaic Dynasty Abstract   PDF
Marybeth Osowski
Vol 15 (2013) Ὁ Λόγος Δέων: The Binding Ratio Abstract   Ὁ Λόγος Δέων: The Bin
Justin Singer
Vol 16 (2014) “… and I am drunk on your wine lips” Abstract   PDF
Tanisha Chakma
Vol 15 (2013) “Call me not a lord, for I am lady”: Elagabalus’ Effeminacy and Subversion of Roman Sexual and Gender Paradigms Abstract   Elagabalus’ Effeminacy
Marybeth Osowski
Vol 17 (2015) “Vere Phrygiae, neque enim Phryges:” Syrian Clothing and Roman Reception of Syrian Identity Abstract   PDF
Marybeth Osowski
Vol 15 (2013) ‘Optasne Frixa cum ea?’: Creating a Model of the Big Mac in Ancient Rome Abstract   'Optasne Frixa cum ea?"
William C Coney
Vol 17 (2015) Battle of Frogs and Mice Abstract   PDF
Tanisha Chakma
Vol 15 (2013) Being and Time in Plato’s Timaeus Abstract   Being and Time in Plato
Daniel Heide
Vol 16 (2014) Christianity: the mystery religion par excellence? Abstract   PDF
Daniel Heide
Vol 17 (2015) Contrasting Models of the God-World Relation: Avicenna, Maimonides and Al- Shahrastani Abstract   PDF
Harrington Crichtley
Vol 16 (2014) Contributors to this issue Abstract   PDF
vol. 16 Authors
Vol 17 (2015) DAEDALUS MOURNING Abstract   PDF
Bethany Hindmarsh
Vol 15 (2013) Dialectic in Dialogue: Being and History in Aristotle's Metaphysics and Plato's Sophist Abstract   Dialectic in Dialogue
Joseph Gerbasi
Vol 15 (2013) Dulce Periculum Est: The Role of Bacchus in the Poetic Process of Horace Abstract
Kevin Gaul
Vol 18 (2016) Epicureanism and Cynicism in Lucian Abstract   PDF
Allison Graham
Vol 15 (2013) Epistemology and Ontology in Aristotle’s History of Philosophy in Metaphysics Book Alpha Abstract   Epistemology and Ontology
Caroline Michaud
Vol 17 (2015) Fate, the Hero and Empire: Anger in Virgil’s Aeneid and Lucan’s Civil War Abstract   PDF
Tamara Watson
Vol 17 (2015) Feminine Io as a Natural and Political Principle In Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound Abstract   PDF
Matthew Green
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