Vol 96, No 1 (2016)

Spring 2016

Table of Contents


Carrie Dawson
Raven (poem)
Edward Dewar
Veestars (poem)
Janette Fecteau
Benchmark (short story)
Lauro Palomba
Child's Play / Tideline Calendar — Main-à-Dieu, Cape Breton (poems) PDF
Sean Howard
Connections / After My Grandfather's Death (poems)
Lousia Howerow
Breathless (poem)
Stan Rogal
Half a Man (short story)
Barry Demspter
The Old Man's Hounds / The Poet Conveys his Regret (poems)
Robert Nazarene
Bedlamite's First Date (poem)
Craig Kurtz
This is Not a Pipe (poem) PDF
Jonathan Greenhause
How to Eat a Human Hand (short story)
Karen Palmer
Iphigenia (poem)
Emily Crompton
The Invention of Winter (Demeter's Poem) PDF
Keely O'Brien
Summer's Voice (poem)
Louise Carson
Bridge (short story)
Edward Cloney
The Far End (poem)
M. Travis Lane
Dakota Marshes / Thanksgiving (poems)
James Deahl
Meadow / A Music / "I Might Not, Might Not, Feel this Good Again" (poems)
Tom Wayman
Lord of the Manor (short story) PDF
Sharon Bala
Middle Ice (poem)
Lesley Harrison
Norfolk Island Pine, Rondebosch
Rodney Stenning Edgecombe
Once Again (fiction)
Jeremy Colangelo
The Old Testament (poem)
Howard Wright
Cross Above the Stove (poem) PDF
Judith Levison
The Village at Lakeside (short story) PDF
Lori Vos
Birthday Poem / Hospice (poems)
Harold Skulsky
Eine Dunkle Seite (poem) PDF
Ruth Roach Pierson
Jeanne Dielmann was my Star Wars (essay) PDF
Jerry White
Review of The Brief Reincarnation of a Girl, by Sue Goyette
Kaarina Mikalson
Review of Mission Creep, by Joshua Trotter
Caleb Harrison
Contributors' Notes PDF
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