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97.3 Autumn 2017 Table of Contents


Domestic Disturbances Section

          Jason Brown, The Wreck of the Ipswich Sparrow (fiction)

          S. C. Bayat, Where the Fault Lies (fiction)

          Louise Carson, Grief (poetry)

          Nicola Winstanley, The Feeling in the Flesh (fiction)

          Cyndi MacMillan, Violation (poetry)

          Elliott Gish, What Brings You Back There (fiction)

          Jade Riordan, Daylight Savings (An Hour Lost) (poetry)

          C. S. Reardon, Grace (fiction)

Tom Yuill, The Sweetheart of the Rodeo: An Interview with Peter Campion

Peter Campion, Boston: Red Hair / Sitcom Set (poetry)

David Barrick, Doing Voices (poetry)

Laura Cok, Secondly (poetry)

Shashi Bhat, Mute (fiction)

Karla Korman, Early Storm (poetry)

J. Robert Ferguson, Quickening Cities (poetry)

Melanie Pierluigi, Death in a Romanian Monastery / Turbulence (poetry)

Catherine Stewart, Parallax / Mikey (poetry)

Lyn Butler Gray, Accident Scenes (poetry)

M. W. Jaeggle, Sing Against the Lake (poetry)

Ellie Sawatzky, Sun Valley Lodge (poetry)

Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois, Michigan Winter (poetry)

Robert Colman, Sleeping / Trust (poetry)

Thomas Wharton, Among Wolves (fiction)

Liam Monaghan, Constant Stranger: Joni Mitchell, My Birthmother, and Me (non-fiction)


          Roberta Barker, A Young Woman Affronting Her Destiny, Audibly (theatre review)

          Christopher Elson, Passing Through: Concert & Album Highlights (music review)

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Domestic Disturbances Section