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97.1 Spring 2017 Table of Contents


Travel Section

                Sarah Christina Brown, Dinner with the Lynx (fiction)

                Tom Whalen, Reports from Stuttgart-West (fiction)

                David Huebert, Invierno (fiction)

                Howard Wright, Points of Departure (poetry)

                Shao-Pin Luo, Partition (fiction)

                M. Menachem Kaiser, Baby Zango Walks (fiction)

David Banash, Darkly Humorous and Unsentimental: An Interview with Susan Steinberg (interview)

Susan Steinberg, Underfed (fiction)

John Wall Barger, The Unspoken Word / Morning after a Party in a Farmhouse (poetry)

Adele Graf, There (poetry)

Steve Tomasula, Entanglement (fiction)

Tom Yuill, Cold Sweat / Inner Life during Wartime / Blood Pudding (poetry)

Jill McDonough, First Day (poetry)

Robert Lake, Kane and Able (fiction)

Mark Hiebert, Glare (poetry)

Janet Barkhouse, An Earthquake Every Day / Leaving I See / Real Estate (poetry)

Matthew Heiti, No One Knows What You Are Capable Of (fiction)

Mary Rutherford, Dinner for One (poetry)

Bill Howell, Defensive Indifference (poetry)

Paul R. Bond, Certain Poor Shepherds (fiction)

Francis Blessington, Two Tallest Trees (poetry)

J Tate Barlow, Till (poetry)


                Roberta Barker, Proust Embodied (theatre review)

                Christopher Elson, Sparks of Life (music review)

Book Reviews