Pastiche Expelled: A Proustian Guide to French Pedagogy


  • James F. Austin


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James F. Austin

James F. Austin is Assistant Professor of French and Film at Connecticut College (New London, CT). He took his Ph.D. from Yale University in 2003. His dissertation, entitled The Politics of Pastiche /rom Proust to French Film, traced the practice of pastiche in France from its early incarnations as a classroom exercise, to a performative textuality that retroactively created pat writerly styles, to its recent evolution within the cinema. He recently completed a book manuscript on Proust, pastiche, and the postmodern. Austin has also written on the construction of French identity in the digital French heritage films of 2001 ("Digitizing Frenchness in 2001: On a 'Historic' Moment in the French Cinema." French Cultural Studies, 15[3], October 2004: 281-299). Currently, he is editing a special issue of Yale French Studies on the cinema (forthcoming), completing an article on the French city/suburb divide in film, and conducting research into the cinema of Chris Marker.