Themistius‘ Doctrine of the Three Intellects


  • John F. Finamore


Author Biography

John F. Finamore

John F. Finamore is Professor of Classics at the University of Iowa, president of the US section of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies, and editor of The International Journal of the Platonic Tradition. He received his MA in Philosophy from Tufts University and his MA and PhD in Classics from Rutgers University. He has published extensively on the Platonic tradition, including two books on Iamblichus: Iamblichus and the Theory of the Vehicle of the Soul (Scholars Press, 1985) and (with John Dillon) Iamblichus‘ De Anima: Text, Translation, and Commentary (Brill, 2002). Most recently he co-edited (with Robert Berchman) Conversations Platonic and Neoplatonic: Intellect, Soul, and Nature, Papers from 6th annual conference of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies (Academia Verlag, 2010). He is currently writing on the role of magic in Platonic/Middle Platonic/Neoplatonic philosophy, on the demonology of Plutarch and Apuleius, and on the psychology of Proclus. He can be reached at