Vol 34 (2016)

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Dionysius is the journal of Dalhousie University's Department of Classics and reflects the established character of its work. It publishes articles on the history of ancient philosophy and theology, including Patristic theology, and their nachleben. It has a special interest in the Aristotelian and Neoplatonic traditions.

Dionysius considers philosophy's relation, both negative and positive, to Christian belief in both ancient and modern times. As well as philosophical articles, Dionysius will publish articles on Classical and later literature and history, and on Hellenic, Christian, Jewish and Islamic religion, especially when they have a connection to philosophical questions.

The current five years (2010-2015) are available by subscription only.  Previous issues may be read without subscription simply by registering and then logging in.

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Dionysius Dionysius i-v
Table of Contents PDF
Dionysius Dionysius vi
Dedication to Salvator Lilla
Wayne Hankey vii
The Sphere of Many Faces PDF
Stephen R. L. Clark 8-26
Carneades the Socratic PDF
John Dillon 27-45
Le myth du Politique de Platon situé parmi les récits grecs de la genèse de la civilization
Guillaume Pilote 46-61
Aristotle's Concept of Analogy PDF
Alexander Edwards 62-87
Time, King of Heaven and Earth: Timeless and Timebound Metaphysics in Proclus PDF
Antonio Vargas 88-105
The Love of Neighbor in Dionysius's Hierarchies PDF
Augustine M. Reisenauer, OP 106-136
The Concord of Aristotle, Proclus, the Liber de Causis & Blessed Dionysius in Thomas Aquinas, Student of Albertus Magnus PDF
Wayne J. Hankey 137-209
Back Matter Dionysius 2016 PDF
Dionysius Dionysius 210-212

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