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Vol 11 (1987) 'In Aenigmate Trinitats' (Confessions, XIII,5,6): The Conversion of Philosophy in St. Augustine's Confessions Details   PDF
Robert D. Crouse
Vol 5 (1981) A commentary on Plato's Phaedo Details   PDF
Dennis K. House
Vol 1 (1977) A Commentary on Plato's Theaetetus Details   PDF
James A. Doull
Vol 2 (1978) A Discussion on Individuality and Personality Details   PDF
John N. Deck & A.H. Armstrong
Vol 25 (2007) A Doctrinal Evolution in Plotinus? The Weakness of the Soul in its Relation to Evil Abstract   PDF
Jean-Marc Narbonne
Vol 36 (2018) A Law beyond Grace in The Prologue to Senchas Már Details
Daniel James Watson
Vol 6 (1982) A Non-Entitative Understanding of Be-ing and Unity: Heidegger and Neoplatonism Details   PDF
John D. Jones
Vol 22 (2004) A Note on Thucydides 2.41.4, ύπόνοια, and Conceptions of History Abstract   PDF
Vol 36 (2018) A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place: The Importance of Reason and Order in Philo of Alexandria Details
Emily Parker
Vol 30 (2012) A porisma to Crouse on Boethius, Augustine, and the Mathematical Sciences Details   PDF
Michael Fournier
Vol 29 (2011) A Portrait of Many Colours: Philo’s Account of Roman Political Administration in Alexandria Abstract   PDF
Emily Parker
Vol 11 (1987) Ad sensum: A Translation of Augustine's Confessions; Book 1 Details   PDF
Colin Starnes
Vol 5 (1981) "Adam Ate from the Apple Tree": A Bestial Poetry of Soul Details   PDF
Patricia Cox
Vol 26 (2008) Affective Excess: Ontology and Knowledge in the Thought of Thomas Gallus Abstract   PDF
Declan Lawell
Vol 5 (1981) Agreement and the Self-Evident in Philo of Larissa Details   PDF
Harold Tarrant
Vol 29 (2011) An Education in Virtue: Philosophical Speculation and Religious Observance in the Thought of Philo of Alexandria Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Otto
Vol 28 (2010) An Old Academic on Rhetoric: The Example of Xenocrates Abstract   PDF
Eleni Kaklamanou
Vol 30 (2012) Angels and Time: Reading Augustine’s City of God 12.16 Details   PDF
Charlotte Gross
Vol 4 (1980) Aquinas' First Principle: Being or Unity? Details   PDF
Wayne Hankey
Vol 20 (2002) Aristoteles ex Aristotele: A Response to the Analytical Reconstruction of the Aristotelian Ontology Details   PDF
Kyle Fraser
Vol 17 (1999) Aristotelian Katharsis as Ethical Conversion in Plotinian Aesthetics Details   PDF
Constance Eichenlaub
Vol 31 (2013) Aristotelian Ontology and its Contemporary Appropriation: Some Thoughts on the Concept of Analogy Details   PDF
Matthew Wood
Vol 31 (2013) Aristotle at the End of Metaphysics: A Review of Pierre Aubenque’s Le problème de l’être chez Aristote Details   PDF
Joseph Gerbasi
Vol 34 (2016) Aristotle's Concept of Analogy Details   PDF
Alexander Edwards
Vol 8 (1984) Aristotle's Eudemus and Protrepticus: Are They Really Two Different Works? Details   PDF
A. P. Bos
Vol 26 (2008) Aristotle’s Doctrine of Justice and the Law of Athens Abstract   PDF
Peter Kussmaul
Vol 11 (1987) Augustine's City of God XIX and Western Political Thought Details   PDF
Oliver O'Donovan
Vol 13 (1989) Augustine's Theology of the Trinity: Its Relevance Details   PDF
Mary T. Clark
Vol 35 (2017) Augustine's Trinitarian Cosmos Details   PDF
Wayne Hankey
Vol 3 (1979) Augustinian Trinitarianism and Existential Theology Details   PDF
James A. Doull
Vol 35 (2017) Author Contacts Details   PDF
Dionysius Dionysius
Vol 3 (1979) Autour de Platon: continentaux et analystes Details   PDF
Yvon Lafrance
Vol 30 (2012) Avocatio, Rhetoric, and the Technique of Contemplation in Plotinus Details   PDF
Frederic M. Schroeder
Vol 33 (2015) Ἀποκατάστασις: The Resolution of Good and Evil in Origen and Eriugena Details   PDF
Daniel Heide
Vol 37 (2019) “A Shrine for the Everlasting Gods”: Matter and the Gods in Proclus Details
Matthew Vanderkwaak
Vol 29 (2011) “Betwene the throne of God in heaven and his Church upon earth here militant”: Instruction and Prayer in the Fifth Book of Hooker’s Lawes Abstract   PDF
W.J. Torrance Kirby
Vol 23 (2005) “His Own Side-Show”: E.R. Dodds and neoplatonic studies in Britain, 1835–1940 Abstract   PDF
Robert B. Todd
Vol 36 (2018) “We Too Are Kings”: Plotinus on the Self and God Details
Aaron Higgins-Brake
Vol 29 (2011) ‘You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive’: Demonic Agency in Augustine Abstract   PDF
Seamus O’Neill
Vol 33 (2015) Back Matter Details   PDF
Dionysius Back Matter
Vol 36 (2018) Back Matter Details
Dionysius 36 (2018)
Vol 38 (2020) Back Matter Details
Dionysius 2020
Vol 34 (2016) Back Matter Dionysius 2016 Details   PDF
Dionysius Dionysius
Vol 25 (2007) Baptised in Gnôsis: The Spiritual Alchemy of Zosimos of Panopolis Abstract   PDF
Kyle A. Fraser
Vol 36 (2018) Berthold of Moosburg on Intellect and the One of the Sou Details
Evan King
Vol 33 (2015) Beyond Parhypostasis? A Negation of the Existence of Extra-Moral Evil in Proclus and its Contexts Details   PDF
Nestor Kavvadas
Vol 23 (2005) Biography as Self-Promotion: Porphyry’s Vita Plotini Abstract   PDF
John F. Finamore
Vol 9 (1985) Body's Approach to Soul: An Examination of a Recurrent Theme in the Enneads Details   PDF
Kevin Corrigan
Vol 29 (2011) Boethius pro se de magia Abstract   PDF
Michael Fournier
Vol 24 (2006) Bonheur et vie chez Plotin, Ennéade i.4.1–4 Abstract   PDF
Julien Villeneuve
Vol 34 (2016) Carneades the Socratic Details   PDF
John Dillon
Vol 21 (2003) Christ as Cornerstone, Worm, and Phoenix in Eriugena’s Commentary on Dionysius Abstract   PDF
Vol 32 (2014) Cicero’s De Divinatione and Philo of Alexandria’s Criticism of Chaldean Astrology as a Form of Artificial Details   PDF
M. Jason Reddoch
Vol 22 (2004) Comment se produit l’écho selon Alexandre d’Aphrodise (De l’âme 47.25–48.21) Abstract   PDF
Vol 21 (2003) Containing Ecstasy: The Strategies of Iamblichean Theurgy Abstract   PDF
Vol 31 (2013) Contributors Contact Information Details   PDF
Dionysius XXXI Contributors contact information
Vol 32 (2014) Contributors Contact Information Details   PDF
Contributors Contact
Vol 23 (2005) Critique du relatif par Plotin: Le traité des genres de l’être VI, 1[42], 6–9 Abstract   PDF
Steve Maskaleut
Vol 13 (1989) Cusanus and Eriugena Details   PDF
Werner Beierwaltes
Vol 20 (2002) Cyclopean Superlatives Details   PDF
Frederic M. Schroeder
Vol 37 (2019) Damascian Negativity Details
Edward P. Butler
Vol 16 (1998) Dante as Philosopher: Christian Aristotelianism Details   PDF
Robert D. Crouse
Vol 26 (2008) Dedication Abstract   PDF
Wayne J. Hankey
Vol 30 (2012) Dedication - + J. Patrick Atherton Details   PDF
Dionysius XXX Dedication
Vol 33 (2015) Dedication to Donald Hambrick Details   PDF
Wayne Hankey
Vol 34 (2016) Dedication to Salvator Lilla Details
Wayne Hankey
Vol 7 (1983) "Deepened by the Study of the Fathers", the Oxford Movement, Dr. Pusey and Patristic Scholarship Details   PDF
Robert D. Crouse
Vol 4 (1980) Dialectic and Christology in Eriugena's Periphyseon Details   PDF
Donald F. Duclow
Vol 31 (2013) Dialectic of Freedom Hans Jonas and Augustine Details   PDF
Enrico Peroli
Vol 17 (1999) Did Aristotle Understand Plato? Details   PDF
Dennis House
Vol 26 (2008) Dionysius East and West: Unities, Differentiations, and the Exegesis of Biblical Theophanies Abstract   PDF
Bogdan G. Bucur
Vol 30 (2012) Dionysius XXX (2012) Details   PDF
Dionysius Opening pages
Vol 31 (2013) Dionysius XXXI (2013) Details   PDF
Dionysius Opening pages
Vol 32 (2014) Dionysius XXXII (2014) Details   PDF
Dionysius Opening Pages
Vol 9 (1985) Dionysius' Journey of Self-Discovery in The Frogs of Aristophanes Details   PDF
Paul Epstein
Vol 28 (2010) Dionysius’ On Divine Names Revisited: A Structural Analysis Abstract   PDF
Stephen Gersh
Vol 37 (2019) Divine Eros: The Providential and Perfective Ecstasy of God in Dionysius’ Divine Names IV Details
Daniel Heide
Vol 37 (2019) Divine Henads and Persons: Multiplicity’s birth in the Principle in Proclus and Aquinas Details
Wayne J. Hankey
Vol 29 (2011) Doing and Seeing in Meister Eckhart and Michel Henry Abstract   PDF
Peter Bullerwell
Vol 17 (1999) Duns Scot: Métaphysique transcendantale et éthique normative Details   PDF
Olivier Boulnois
Vol 5 (1981) Editorial Comment Details   PDF
A. H. Armstrong
Vol 4 (1980) Editorial Comment Details   PDF
James A. Doull
Vol 3 (1979) Editorial Comment Details   PDF
Robert Crouse
Vol 2 (1978) Editorial Comment Details
A. H. Armstrong
Vol 1 (1977) Editorial Comment Details   PDF
James A. Doull
Vol 29 (2011) Elements of the Authentic Self in Fārābī: Between Alexander and Proclus Abstract   PDF
Timothy Riggs
Vol 17 (1999) Emanation in Historical Context: Aquinas and the Dominican Response to the Cathars Details   PDF
John Inglis
Vol 27 (2009) Emerson’s Ladder of Ascent: Modernity and the Platonic Tradition Abstract   PDF
John Michael Corrigan
Vol 18 (2000) Ennéades II, 1 [40], 6, 23-24, Anaxagore ou Numénius? Details   PDF
Richard Dufour
Vol 38 (2020) Enneads IV and V: A Puzzle about Perception Details
David W. Johnson
Vol 36 (2018) Epicurus’ Panpsychism Details
Michael Fournier
Vol 28 (2010) Erôs, the Son, and the Gods as Metaphysical Principles in Proclus and Dionysius Abstract   PDF
Timothy Riggs
Vol 27 (2009) Eros as Hierarchical Principle: A Re-evaluation of Dionysius’ Neoplatonism Abstract   PDF
Timothy Riggs
Vol 12 (1988) Errata to Dionysius XI (1987) Details   PDF
A to Z
Vol 17 (1999) Escaping the Aristotelian Bond: The Critique of Metaphysics in Twentieth-Century French Philosophy Details   PDF
Jacob Schmutz
Vol 3 (1979) Euclid's Elements and Philosophical Development Details   PDF
Frederick A. Homann, S.J.
Vol 4 (1980) Euripidaristophanizein and Nietzschesokratizein Aristophanes, Nietzsche and the Death of Tragedy Details   PDF
Rainer Friedrich
Vol 10 (1986) Faith and Enlightenment Details   PDF
James Doull
Vol 1 (1977) Form, Individual and Person in Plotinus Details   PDF
A. H. Armstrong
Vol 13 (1989) Forms and Causes in Plato's Phaedo Details   PDF
Christopher Byrne
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