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Vol 9 (1985) Hegel's Critique of Hellenic Virtue Details   PDF
James Doull
Vol 28 (2010) Henadology in the Two Theologies of Proclus Abstract
Tuomo Lankila
Vol 32 (2014) Henry Corbin and Russian Religious Thought Part I: Early Encounters Details
Hadi Fakhoury
Vol 33 (2015) Henry Corbin and Russian Religious Thought Part II: Themes and Variations1 Details
Hadi Fakhoury
Vol 16 (1998) Horace, Vergil, and the Jews of Rome Details   PDF
Ross Kilpatrick
Vol 32 (2014) How did Aristotle’s Unmoved Mover come to love everything by the end of the ancient pagan tradition? Details
Kevin Corrigan
Vol 27 (2009) How the Physicist Should Define: Asclepius’ Interpretation of Metaphysics E 1. 1026a2–3 Abstract   PDF
Martin Achard
Vol 7 (1983) Igal's Translation of Plotinus Details   PDF
Al Wolters
Vol 31 (2013) Images of Unlikeness: Proclus on Homeric σύμβολον and the Perfection of the Rational Soul Details   PDF
Daniel James Watson
Vol 32 (2014) Impassioned by Passion: Knowledge and Love in Plato and Spinoza Details
Marie-Élise Zovko
Vol 18 (2000) in philosophiae gremium confugere: Augustine's View of Philosophy in the First Book of the contra academicos Details   PDF
Giovanni Catapano
Vol 24 (2006) In quo inquit, adprehendam Dominum…? Plotinian Ascent and Christian Sacrifice in De ciuitate Dei 10. 1–7 Abstract   PDF
James Lawson
Vol 17 (1999) In the Service of Rome: Stoic Spirit in the Aeneid Details   PDF
Anitra Laycock
Vol 15 (1991) Index to Volumes I-XV Details   PDF
A to Z
Vol 30 (2012) Index (Volumes I–XXX) plus Order Information Details   PDF
Dionysius XXX Index
Vol 29 (2011) Individual Agency in Bonaventure’s Account of Natural Knowledge Abstract   PDF
Matthew Robinson
Vol 16 (1998) Intelligible Matter in Plotinus Details   PDF
Dmitri Nikulin
Vol 2 (1978) INTENTIO MOYSI: Bede, Augustine, Eriugena and Plato in the Hexaemeron of Honorius Augstodunensis Details   PDF
R. D. Crouse
Vol 23 (2005) Is Tolma the Cause of First otherness for Plotinus? Abstract   PDF
Deepa Majumdar
Vol 33 (2015) Isocratean Ethics Details
Jacob Glover
Vol 36 (2018) σῶμα ψυχικόν, σῶμα πνευματικόν: The Fate of Bodies in Origen and Eriugena Details
Daniel Heide
Vol 12 (1988) J.-M. Narbonne on Plotinus and the Generation of Matter: two corrections Details   PDF
Denis O'Brien
Vol 13 (1989) John Wyclif's Metaphysics of Scriptual Integrity in the De Veritate Sacrae Scripturae Details   PDF
Michael Tresko
Vol 7 (1983) Kierkegaard's Use of Plato in his Analysis of the Moment in Time Details   PDF
David Humbert
Vol 8 (1984) La "Doppia Danza" du Paradis: Chants X-XIV du Paradiso de Dante Details   PDF
Marguerite Bourbeau
Vol 23 (2005) La paraphrase de Thémistius sur les lignes 71 a 1–11 des Seconds Analytiques Abstract   PDF
Martin Achard
Vol 21 (2003) La relation entre la structure en signe du temps et l’accomplissement de soi dans les Confessions de saint Augustin Abstract   PDF
Vol 18 (2000) La Syndérèse, Sommet de la Nature Humaine dans l'itinerarium mentis in deum Details   PDF
Christian Trottman
Vol 7 (1983) Law and Subjective Freedom in The Merchant of Venice Details   PDF
Paul Epstein
Vol 22 (2004) L’Origine de l’ame chez Némésius d’Émèse Abstract   PDF
Vol 14 (1990) Le désir ambigu Un point de départ de l'axiologie plotinienne Details   PDF
Wilfried Kühn
Vol 34 (2016) Le myth du Politique de Platon situé parmi les récits grecs de la genèse de la civilization Details
Guillaume Pilote
Vol 21 (2003) Le rôle de l’épithète deus dans l’épigraphie nord-africaine Abstract   PDF
Vol 2 (1978) Le statut de l'individualité chez Plotin ou le miroir de Dionysos Details   PDF
Danièle Letocha
Vol 31 (2013) Le temps et l’éternité dans les religions archaïques selon Mircea Eliade: les éléments préfiguratives de l’Incarnation dans l’ontologie primitive Details   PDF
Cézar Enia
Vol 6 (1982) Le Théorie des Hénades et La Mystique de Proclus Details   PDF
Christian Guérard
Vol 7 (1983) Leibniz's Logic Within His Philosophical System Details   Untitled
F. E. Andrews
Vol 20 (2002) Les canons de Proclus: Problèmes et conséquences de l'interprétation syriano-proclienne du De Interpretatione Details   PDF
Stéphane Diebler
Vol 1 (1977) Les Degrés du poein chez Proclus Details   PDF
Jean Trouillard
Vol 18 (2000) Living Body, Soul, and Virtue in the Philosophy of Plotinus Details   PDF
Paul Kalligas
Vol 32 (2014) Lucretius on Swerves and Freedom Details
Hugh Hunter
Vol 9 (1985) Making Theology Practical: Thomas Aquinas and the Nineteenth Century Religious Revival Details   PDF
Wayne Hankey
Vol 16 (1998) Martianus Prae/Postmodernus? Details   PDF
Haijo Jan Westra
Vol 11 (1987) Marx on Epicurus: Much Ado About Nothing Details   PDF
Zdravko Planinc
Vol 18 (2000) Mathematics as Philosophy: Barrow and Proclus Details   PDF
Ian Stewart
Vol 9 (1985) Matter and Time in Plotinus Details   PDF
John Simons
Vol 8 (1984) Melissus of Samos and Plato on the Generation of the World Details   PDF
Luca Obertello
Vol 30 (2012) Memoria, Intellectus, Voluntas: the Augustinian Centre of Robert Crouse’s Scholarly Work Details   PDF
Wayne J. Hankey
Vol 24 (2006) Much Ado about Nothing: A Note on Trouillard’s Use of Proclus Abstract   PDF
Daniel F. Wilband
Vol 33 (2015) Music as therapy: the analogy between music and medicine in Neoplatonism Details
Sebastian F. Moro Tornese
Vol 25 (2007) Names and “Cutting Being at the Joints” in the Cratylus Abstract   PDF
Adam Wood
Vol 1 (1977) Negati Affirmatio Details   PDF
Werner Beierwaltes
Vol 28 (2010) Neither One Nor Many: God and the Gods in Plotinus, Proclus, and Aquinas Abstract
Eric D. Perl
Vol 33 (2015) Neoplatonic Pedagogy Details
James M. Ambury
Vol 23 (2005) Neoplatonism and Contemporary French Philosophy Abstract   PDF
Wayne J. Hankey
Vol 27 (2009) Neoplatonist Surprises: The Doctrine of Providence of Plotinus and his Followers both Conscious and Unconscious Abstract   PDF
Wayne J. Hankey
Vol 31 (2013) Nicholas of Cusa’s “Not-Other”: The Absolute as Negative Self-Reference Details   PDF
Max Rohstock
Vol 3 (1979) Nietzsche and the Ancients: Philosophy and Scholarship Details   PDF
George P. Grant
Vol 21 (2003) Oùδέvεια and humilitas: Nature and Function of Humility in Iamblichus and Augustine Abstract   PDF
Vol 30 (2012) Obituary - Joseph Patrick Atherton Details   PDF
Wayne J. Hankey, Robin Sharp
Vol 27 (2009) Omnia sunt in te: A Note on Chapters Twelve to Twenty-six of Anselm’s Proslogion Abstract   PDF
Wayne J. Hankey
Vol 12 (1988) On the Generation of Matter in the Enneads. A Reply Details   PDF
Kevin Corrigan
Vol 10 (1986) On the Limits of Contemporary Reflection on Freedom: An Analysis of Marxist and Existentialist Responses to Hegel Details   PDF
Kenneth Kierans
Vol 33 (2015) Opening Pages Details
Dionysius Dionysius
Vol 34 (2016) Opening Pages Details
Dionysius Dionysius
Vol 24 (2006) Oral Pedagogy and the Commentaries of the Athenian Platonic Academy Abstract   PDF
Sarah Klitenic Wear
Vol 13 (1989) Oratio Placabilis Deo: Eriugena's Fragmentary Euchrastic Teaching in Light of the Doctrine of the Periphyseon Details   PDF
R. U. Smith
Vol 6 (1982) Pagan Religious Syncretism and Symbolism on the Greek Imperials of the Early Third Century Details   PDF
Jay Bregman
Vol 33 (2015) Pandora as Stomach, Womb, and Wonder in Hesiod's Theogony Details
Kaitlyn Boulding
Vol 22 (2004) Participatio divini luminis, Aquinas’ Doctrine of the Agent Intellect: Our Capacity for Contemplation Abstract   PDF
Vol 24 (2006) Perceiving Parmenides: A Reading of Parmenides of Elea’s Philosophy by way of the Proem Abstract   PDF
Tyler Young
Vol 28 (2010) Philo of Alexandria’s Logos and Life of Moses Abstract
Emily Parker
Vol 30 (2012) Philo’s Odyssey into the Medieval Jewish World: Neglected Evidence from Arab Christian Literature Details   PDF
Emily Parker, Alexander Treiger
Vol 24 (2006) Philoponus’ Commentary on Posterior Analytics, I.1, 71a17–b8 A Translation Abstract   PDF
Martin Achard
Vol 20 (2002) Philosophia's Dress: Prayer in Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy Details   PDF
Stephen Blackwood
Vol 25 (2007) Philosophical Grounds for Mystical Intuition in Plotinus Abstract   PDF
Ritsuko Okano
Vol 20 (2002) "Plato and Deep Plotin": Cambridge Platonism, Platonicall Triads, and More's Reflection on Nature Details   PDF
David Leech
Vol 20 (2002) Plato's Heracliteanism Reconsidered Details   PDF
Marie-Élise Zovko
Vol 7 (1983) Plato's Parmenides and its Influence Details   PDF
Hans-Georg Gadamer
Vol 5 (1981) Plato's Phaedo and the Frailty of Human Nature Details   PDF
Alan Mendelson
Vol 21 (2003) Plato’s Euthydemus and a Platonist Education Program Abstract   PDF
Vol 27 (2009) Platonic Deconstruction: A Review Essay of Stephen Gersh’s Neoplatonism after Derrida. Parallelograms Abstract   PDF
D. Gregory MacIsaac
Vol 11 (1987) Plotin et le problème de la génération de la matière; à propos d'un article récent Details   PDF
Jean-Marc Narbonne
Vol 17 (1999) Plotinus and Iamblichus on Magic and Theurgy Details   PDF
John F. Finamore
Vol 14 (1990) Plotinus and the 'Eye' of Intellect Details   PDF
John F. Phillips
Vol 31 (2013) Plotinus and the Aristotelian Hylomorphic Body: Making Room in Entelechy for the Soul as Substantial Form Details   PDF
Tikhon Alexander Pino
Vol 24 (2006) Plotinus and the Gnostics on the Generation of Mattter (33 [ii 9], 12 and 51 [i 8], 14) Abstract   PDF
Jean-Marc Narbonne
Vol 33 (2015) Plotinus Ennead VI.4 & VI. 5 – On the Presence of Being, One and the Same, Everywhere as a Whole Details
Panagiotis Pavlos
Vol 25 (2007) Plotinus on Matter’s Participation in the Forms Abstract   PDF
Atsushi Sumi
Vol 6 (1982) Plotinus on Sounds: An Interpretation of Plotinus' Enneads V,5,5, 19-27 Details   PDF
R Ferwerda
Vol 10 (1986) Plotinus' Idealism and the Problem of Matter in Enneads vi.4 & 5 Details   PDF
Michael F. Wagner
Vol 6 (1982) Plotinus' World Details   PDF
Michael F. Wagner
Vol 26 (2008) Plotinus’ Conception of the Genera of Sensibles Abstract   PDF
Anna Zhyrkova
Vol 33 (2015) Plotinus’ use of the third hypothesis of Plato’s Parmenides in Enneads: VI.6.13 Details
David Horan
Vol 26 (2008) Poets and Other Makers: Agathon’s Speech in Context Abstract   PDF
Suzanne Stern-Gillet
Vol 21 (2003) Political, Psychic, Intellectual, Daimonic, Hierarchical, Cosmic, and Divine: Justice in Aquinas, Al-Fârâbî, Dionysius, and Porphyry Abstract   PDF
Vol 23 (2005) Polytheism and Individuality in the Henadic Manifold Abstract   PDF
Edward P. Butler
Vol 22 (2004) Porphyre et la théologie de l’histoire d’Eusèbe de Césarée Abstract   PDF
Vol 23 (2005) Porphyry and Mithraism: De antro nympharum and the Controversy against the Christians Abstract   PDF
Pablo Maurette
Vol 13 (1989) Porphyry's Criticism of Christianity and the Problem of Augustine's Platonism Details   PDF
Christos Evangeliou
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