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Vol 33 (2015) Porphyry’s Life of Plotinus and Academic Power Details
Frederic Schroeder
Vol 20 (2002) Power and Nothing: What causes Mistaken Judgement in The Winter's Tale? Details   PDF
Elena Glazon-Corrigan and Kevin Corrigan
Vol 29 (2011) Praying and Thinking: Religious and Philosophical Interactions in the Representations of the Abstract Deified Concept of Aion in Magical Texts from Greco-Roman Egypt Abstract   PDF
Eleni Pachoumi
Vol 35 (2017) Preface Details
Wayne Hankey
Vol 29 (2011) Prière, élévation spirituelle et connaissance de Dieu chez Marius Victorinus Abstract   PDF
Serge Cazelais
Vol 5 (1981) Proclus, Ammonius and Boethius on Divine Knowledge Details   PDF
Luca Obertello
Vol 22 (2004) Proclus and the Theurgic Liturgy of Pseudo-Dionysius Abstract   PDF
Vol 29 (2011) Proclus et l’orthodoxie: une réponse au travail récent de Polymnia Athanassiadi Abstract   PDF
Simon Fortier
Vol 36 (2018) Proclus on θεός Details
Simon Fortier
Vol 30 (2012) Proclus on Place as the Luminous Vehicle of the Soul Details   PDF
Michael Griffin
Vol 18 (2000) Proclus on Plenitude Details   PDF
Taneli Kukkonen
Vol 33 (2015) Proclus on the Myth of Er Details
John Dillon
Vol 27 (2009) Proclus’ Interpretation of the Parmenides, Dialectic and the Wandering of the Soul Abstract   PDF
David D. Butorac
Vol 31 (2013) Pseudo-Dionysius and Damascius: An Impossible Identification Details   PDF
Gioacchino Curiello
Vol 25 (2007) Reading Aquinas as a Theologian: The Hermeneutics of some Medievalists Old and New Abstract   PDF
Denis J.M. Bradley
Vol 2 (1978) Reason and Passion in the Platonic Soul Details   PDF
Samuel Scolnicov
Vol 36 (2018) Redire ad principia: The Danc e of Apophatic and Kataphatic theology in Lancelot Andrewes Details
David Curry
Vol 14 (1990) Reflections on Kant's Criticism of the Leibnizian Philosophy Details   PDF
Floy E. Andrews
Vol 4 (1980) Representation and Reflection in Plotinus Details   PDF
F. M. Schroeder
Vol 35 (2017) Response to Dr Wayne J Hankey, "Augustine Trinitarian Cosmos" Details
Elizabeth King
Vol 35 (2017) Response to Evan King's: "Unum necessarium: Meister Eckhart, the Ground and Theology in the Vernacular" Details
Nathan McAllister
Vol 27 (2009) Reviews in Brief Abstract   PDF
Multiple Authors
Vol 27 (2009) Ring Structure in Chapters Six to Thirteen of Anselm’s Proslogion Abstract   PDF
Michael Fournier
Vol 30 (2012) Robert Crouse and Augustine Ancient, Medieval and Modern: A Response to Wayne Hankey Details   PDF
Neil Robertson
Vol 30 (2012) Robert Crouse on Meister Eckhart Details   PDF
Evan King
Vol 30 (2012) Robert Crouse’s Tragic Reading of Aristotelian Friendship Details   PDF
Eli Diamond
Vol 28 (2010) Robert Darwin Crouse Abstract
Wayne Hankey
Vol 16 (1998) Roman and Stoic: the Self as Mediator Details   PDF
Gretchen Reydams-Schils
Vol 4 (1980) Romantic Subjectivity and Kleist's Prince of Hamburg Details   PDF
Detlev Steffen
Vol 1 (1977) Saint Augustine and the Vision of Truth Details   PDF
Colin Starnes
Vol 9 (1985) Saying and Having in Plotinus Details   PDF
Frederic M. Schroeder
Vol 29 (2011) Sed Iohannes praecucurrit citius Petro … primo intrat Petrus in monumentum, deinde Iohannes: Eriugena’s Appropriation of Dionysian Exegesis in the Homilia Abstract   PDF
Martin Sastri
Vol 4 (1980) Semina Rationum: St. Augustine and Boethius Details   PDF
Robert Crouse
Vol 36 (2018) Similarity and Difference in Proclus’ Theory of the Symbol Details
Matthew Wood
Vol 36 (2018) Socratic Wisdom in the Gorgias and the Republic Details
Nicholas Thorne
Vol 5 (1981) Some Advantages of Polytheism Details   PDF
A.H. Armstrong
Vol 2 (1978) Soul and Cosmos in Presocratic Philosophy Details   PDF
Paul Seligman
Vol 14 (1990) Spinoza's Doctrine of the Amor Dei Intellectualis I Details   PDF
Vance Maxwell
Vol 22 (2004) St. Augustine, Semi-Pelagianism and the Consolation of Boethius Abstract   PDF
Vol 7 (1983) St. Augustine's Account of the Relation of Platonism to Christianity in de Civitate Dei Details   Untitled
Dennis House
Vol 14 (1990) St. Gregory Palamas and the Metaphysics of Creation Details   PDF
Eric D. Perl
Vol 15 (1991) St. Thomas, Aristotle, and Creation Details   PDF
Lawrence Dewan O.P.
Vol 33 (2015) Stephen Blackwood’s The Consolation of Boethius as Poetic Liturgy (2015) Details
Matthew Furlong
Vol 11 (1987) Stoic "Common Notions" in Plotinus Details   PDF
John F. Phillips
Vol 29 (2011) Stupefactus haesito maximoque horrore concussus titubo: Eriugena’s Critical Use of Augustine on Paradise and Resurrection in the Periphyseon Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Lee
Vol 21 (2003) Sufficient Reason, Identities and Discernibles in Plotinus Abstract   PDF
Vol 12 (1988) Supremum Caput: Richard Hooker's Theology of Ecclesiastical Dominion Details   PDF
W.J.T. Kirby
Vol 30 (2012) Table of Contents Details   PDF
Dionysius XXX
Vol 31 (2013) Table of Contents Details   PDF
Dionysius Dionysius XXXI
Vol 32 (2014) Table of Contents Details
Dionysius Dionysius XXXII
Vol 33 (2015) Table of Contents Details
Dionysius Dionysius XXXIII
Vol 34 (2016) Table of Contents Details
Dionysius Dionysius
Vol 35 (2017) Table of Contents Details
Dionysius Dionysius
Vol 26 (2008) Talk, Ethics and Politics in Plotinus Abstract   PDF
David G. Robertson
Vol 16 (1998) The 'Productionist' Framework of the Timaeus Details   PDF
Catalin Partenie
Vol 3 (1979) The Academy in the Middle Platonic Period Details   PDF
John M. Dillon
Vol 36 (2018) The Anagogy of Virtue in Enneads I, 2 [19] and its Legacy Details
Elizabeth King
Vol 30 (2012) The Arabic Text of the Philonic Passages (MS SINAI AR. 268, FOLS 311R-314R), IN COMPARISON TO EUSEBIUS, ECCL. HIST., II 17 Details   PDF
Emily Parker, Alexander Treiger
Vol 28 (2010) The “Logic” of Faith Seeking Understanding: A Propaedeutic for Anselm’s Proslogion Abstract
Matthew D. Walz
Vol 15 (1991) The Beginning of the End of Metaphysics Details   PDF
F. L. Jackson
Vol 10 (1986) The Cave Image and the Problem of Place: the Sophist, the Poet, and the Philosopher Details   PDF
Jacob Howland
Vol 6 (1982) The Christian Origin of Contemporary Institutions Details   PDF
James Doull
Vol 8 (1984) The Christian Origin of Contemporary Institutions Part II: The History of Christian Institutions Details   PDF
James Doull
Vol 29 (2011) The Circular Activity of Prayer in Boethius’ Consolation Abstract   PDF
Martin Curran
Vol 8 (1984) The Claim of the World and the Religious Significance of Poetry: A Humanistic Problem Details   PDF
Ernesto Grassi
Vol 34 (2016) The Concord of Aristotle, Proclus, the Liber de Causis & Blessed Dionysius in Thomas Aquinas, Student of Albertus Magnus Details
Wayne J. Hankey
Vol 35 (2017) The Conversion of God in Aquinas' Summa Theologiae: Being's Trinitarian and Incarnational Self-disclosure Details
Wayne Hankey
Vol 27 (2009) The Creation of the World According to Zacharias of Mytilene Abstract   PDF
Koenraad Verrycken
Vol 20 (2002) The Critical Edition of Gregory of Nyssa's In Hexaemeron: A Preliminary Report Details   PDF
Hubertus R. Drobner
Vol 35 (2017) The Divine Name of Wisdom in the Dionysian Commentary Tradition Details
Michael Harrington
Vol 3 (1979) The Doctrine of Reception According to the Capacity of the Recipient in Ennead VI. 4-5 Details   PDF
Johnathan Scott Lee
Vol 23 (2005) The Drunken Epibole of Plotinus and its Reappearance in the Work of Dionysius the Areopagite Abstract   PDF
Michael Harrington
Vol 26 (2008) The Fascination of the Origin. Meister Eckhart as the Neoplatonic “Hidden Source” of Heidegger’s Thought Abstract   PDF
Luca Lera
Vol 17 (1999) The Gift in Theory Details   PDF
Simon Jarvis
Vol 26 (2008) The Gods and Being in Proclus Abstract   PDF
Edward P. Butler
Vol 31 (2013) The Henadic Origin of Procession in Damascius Details   PDF
Edward P. Butler
Vol 24 (2006) The Influence of Plotinian Metaphysics in St. Augustine’s Conception of the Spiritual Senses Abstract   PDF
Martin Sastri
Vol 5 (1981) The Internal Dimensions of the Sensible Object in the Thought of Plotinus and Aristotle Details   PDF
Kevin Corrigan
Vol 35 (2017) The Light of the Truth: The Role of the Good in Human Cognition in Late Ancient Platonism Details
Tim Riggs
Vol 36 (2018) The Liturgy of Place: Theophany and Liberal Arts from Eriugena to Deleuze Details
Matthew Furlong
Vol 7 (1983) The Logic of Theology Since Hegel Details   PDF
James Doull
Vol 34 (2016) The Love of Neighbor in Dionysius's Hierarchies Details
Augustine M. Reisenauer, OP
Vol 5 (1981) The Marriage of Peisthetairos to Basileia in the Birds of Aristophanes Details   PDF
Paul D. Epstein
Vol 32 (2014) The Metaphysics of Light in the Aesthetics of Suger of Saint-Denis Details
Felipe de Azevedo Ramos
Vol 2 (1978) The Myths of Plato Details   PDF
J. N. Findlay
Vol 15 (1991) The Neoplatonic Themes of Processio and Reditus in Eriugena Details   PDF
Eduard Jeaneau
Vol 12 (1988) The New Faith: Strauss, Kierkegaard, and the Theological Revolution Details   PDF
F. L. Jackson
Vol 25 (2007) The New Sappho’ and the Phaedo: Reflections on Immortality Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Baxter
Vol 29 (2011) The Nous of the Partial Soul in Proclus’ Commentary on the First Alcibiades of Plato Abstract   PDF
D. Gregory MacIsaac
Vol 31 (2013) The One and the Divine Light of Truth in Plotinus and Florensky Details   PDF
Tony Partridge
Vol 24 (2006) The One and the Many: Part I: The One Abstract   PDF
Adam Labecki
Vol 25 (2007) The One and the Many: Part II : The Many Abstract   PDF
Adam Labecki
Vol 4 (1980) The Ontological Difference for St. Thomas and Pseudo-Dionysius Details   PDF
John D. Jones
Vol 16 (1998) The Ontology of Plato's Phaedrus Details   PDF
Graeme Nicholson
Vol 6 (1982) The Oral Teaching of Plotinus Details   PDF
Paul Henry
Vol 12 (1988) The Origin of Genera: Ennead VI 2[43] 20 Details   PDF
Gary Gurlter, S.J.
Vol 1 (1977) The Paradoxical Idealism of Enlightenment Details   PDF
F. L. Jackson
Vol 27 (2009) The Philosophy of Apollonius of Tyana: An Attempt at Reconstruction Abstract   PDF
Carl O’Brien
Vol 4 (1980) The Place of The Mystical Theology in the Pseudo-Dionysian Corpus Details   PDF
Paul Rorem
Vol 3 (1979) The Place of the Psychological Image of the Trinity in the Arguments of Augustine's de Trinitate, Anselm's Monologion, and Aquinas' Summa Theologiae Details   PDF
Wayne Hankey
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