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Vol 2 (1978) The Platonic Parmenides and Imitation in Plotinus Details   PDF
F. M. Schroeder
Vol 29 (2011) The Priority of Iustitia for Meister Eckhart Abstract   PDF
Evan King
Vol 4 (1980) The Problem of Omnipresence in Plotinus Ennead VI, 4-5: A Reply Details   PDF
Dominic J. O'Meara
Vol 18 (2000) The Pythagorean Letter and Virgil's Golden Bough Details   PDF
Richard Upsher Smith Jr
Vol 14 (1990) The Recovery of Helen: Albert Camus's Attempts to Restore the Greek Idea of Nature Details   PDF
Bruce K. Ward
Vol 12 (1988) The Relation of Tertullian's Christology to Pagan Philosophy Details   PDF
Dennis K. House
Vol 26 (2008) The Relationship of the Kantian and Proclan Conceptions of Evil Abstract   PDF
Simon Fortier
Vol 30 (2012) The Reverend Dr. Robert D. Crouse as Teacher: A Tribute Details   PDF
Roberta Barker
Vol 9 (1985) The Revolutionary Origins of Contemporary Philosophy Details   PDF
F. L. Jackson
Vol 24 (2006) The Role of the Human in the Procession and Return of the Cosmos from Plotinus to Eriugena Abstract   PDF
David Puxley
Vol 32 (2014) The Root of All Dimensions: Examining Plato’s Teachings on the Mathematical Foundations of Knowing and Being Details
Justin Singer
Vol 36 (2018) The Soul as Limit: Iamblichus’ Doctrine of the Soul and the Beginning of Wisdom Details
Nathan McAllister
Vol 34 (2016) The Sphere of Many Faces Details
Stephen R. L. Clark
Vol 13 (1989) The Structure of Philo's Commentary on the Pentateuch Details   PDF
Gary W. A. Thorne
Vol 11 (1987) The Third Theorem: Contemporary Expression of Trinitarian Thought Details   PDF
Roy Darcus
Vol 32 (2014) The Virtue of Gentleness in Aristotle’s Ethics Details
Louise Rodrigue
Vol 26 (2008) Themistius as a Commentator on Aristotle: Understanding and Appreciating his Conception of Nous Pathetikos and Phantasia Abstract   PDF
Myrna Gabbe
Vol 28 (2010) Themistius’ Doctrine of the Three Intellects Abstract
John F. Finamore
Vol 6 (1982) Theology as System and as Science: Proclus and Thomas Aquinas Details   PDF
W. J. Hankey
Vol 12 (1988) Theurgy as Demiurgy: Iamblichus' Solution to the Problem of Embodiment Details   PDF
Gregory Shaw
Vol 24 (2006) Theurgy, Prayer, Participation, and Divinization in Dionysius the Areopagite Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Coughlin
Vol 30 (2012) Thirty Details   PDF
Wayne Hankey
Vol 15 (1991) Thomas M. Johnson the Platonist Details   PDF
Jay Bregman
Vol 20 (2002) Thomas' Neoplatonic Histories: His Following of Simplicius Details   PDF
Wayne J. Hankey
Vol 27 (2009) Three Texts in One? An Examination of the Title Procli Diadochi Tria opuscula Abstract   PDF
Simon Fortier
Vol 2 (1978) Time and the Soul in Plotinus, III 7 [45], 11 Details   PDF
Peter Manchester
Vol 34 (2016) Time, King of Heaven and Earth: Timeless and Timebound Metaphysics in Proclus Details
Antonio Vargas
Vol 7 (1983) Tragic Piety in Plato's Euthyphro Details   PDF
Rory B. Egan
Vol 26 (2008) Unio Intellectualis? A Response to Beierwaltes on Unio Magica Abstract   PDF
Zeke Mazur
Vol 21 (2003) Unio Magica: Part I: On the Magical Origins of Plotinus' Mysticism Abstract   PDF
Vol 22 (2004) Unio Magica: Part II: Plotinus, Theurgy, and the Question of Ritual Abstract   PDF
Vol 36 (2018) Uniting with Divine Wisdom: theurgic prayer and religious practice in Dionysius and Marsilio Ficino Details
Rebecca Coughlin
Vol 35 (2017) Unum necessarium: Meister Eckhart, the Ground and Theology in the Vernacular Details
Evan King
Vol 16 (1998) Unusquisque in suo sensu abundet: Human Perspective in Eriugena's Periphyseon Details   PDF
Michael Harrington
Vol 15 (1991) Virtus Essendi: Intensive Being in Pseudo-Dionysius and Aquinas Details   PDF
Fran O'Rourke
Vol 30 (2012) Visio: The Method of Robert Crouse’s Philosophical Theology Details   PDF
Wayne J. Hankey
Vol 17 (1999) Was Schleiermacher a Christian Platonist? Details   PDF
Douglas Hedley
Vol 22 (2004) What does Porphyry mean by ϴεών παϯήρ? Abstract   PDF
Vol 12 (1988) What is Augustinian 'Sapientia'? Details   PDF
James Doull
Vol 35 (2017) What is Freedom? Details
Olivier Boulnois
Vol 10 (1986) "When a God Contrives" genoito mentan pan theou technomenou (Ajax 86): Divine Providence in Alcestis and Ajax Details   PDF
Ross S. Kilpatrick
Vol 25 (2007) Where is Paradise? Eschatology in Early Medieval Judaic and Islamic Thought Abstract   PDF
Gyöngyi Hegedus
Vol 25 (2007) Why is Beauty Form? Plotinus’ Theory of Beauty in Phenomenological Perspective Abstract   PDF
Eric D. Perl
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